Prostitution not a problem in Vermont

If Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-New York) had an easy time finding high-class prostitutes in the Empire State, a Vermont public officialin search of similar pleasures of the fleshwould be hard-pressed to find even a lowly streetwalker plying her trade in the Green Mountain State. According to several state and town police officials, prostitution is not a major problem in the state at the moment. Penalties for prostitution in Vermont pale in comparison to other states. In Vermont, a prostitutes customer (in street terms called a John) can be fined $100 and spend up to a full year behind bars. According to Vermont law, prostitution isnt just sex-for-pay; it is defined as offering or receiving... the body for sexual intercourse for hire and shall also be construed to include the offering or receiving of the body for indiscriminate sexual intercourse without hire. The most infamous, recent prostitution case in Vermont involved the death of Christal Jones, a 16-year-old Burlington girl. She was part of a Bronx, N.Y., prostitution ring that involved rural Vermont teen girls. The girls were forced to work in New York City. According to a WCAX-TV news report, so-called massage parlors located in Essex Junction and Williston were raided by police officers in those townstwice in the past four years. While the alleged prostitutes at the Chittenden County massage parlors were arrested, prosecutions were never reported. Apparently, customers were not arrested at the time of the raids. Even more rarely, reports of prostitution by female students have been investigated on or near some of Vermont campuses.

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