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For Addison County fans of the quirky Newhart comedy serieswhich originally aired on CBS-TV from October 1982 through September 1990theres good news. Best DVD Entertainment, a low-budget online home-video program provider, is making the award-winning sitcom available in a no-frills DVD package. Newhart features many fond glimpses of the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury (used as the series fictitious Stratford Inn) as well as many aerial views of Addison County and beyond used in some opening and transition scenes. "Newhart" was a surreal, weekly ensemble comedy show about a writer of rural how-to books named Dick Louden (played by Bob Newhart). Louden buys an out-of-the-way 18th century Vermont inncalled the Stratford Innwith his wife Joanna. Other Newhart characters included a privileged maid working her way through college, a dim-witted handyman (played by T.V. veteran Tom Poston), and the deceptive owner of the rundown Minuteman Cafe competitor across the road. For local fans, memories of the popular T.V. show still live on at the Waybury Inn and its cozy pub. The real inn, a former stage-coach stop at the foot of the Green Mountains on Route 125, served as the exterior of the shows fictional inn. Location scouts for Newhart had felt the Waybury represented the essence of a New England inn. Thus, it was that essence the producers wanted to show each week. The T.V. inns interiorwhich looked nothing like the classier Wayburyswas skillfully constructed on a Hollywood soundstage. All that remains of CBS-TVs circa-1981 exterior 35mm Panavision camera shoot of the Waybury are a few aging wooden prop signs found in the Wayburys pubThe Stratford Inn and The Minuteman Cafe. Among the shows main cast, only comic actor Bob Newhart has failed to pay a visit to the Waybury Inn. In fact, Newharts only visit to Vermont was at the Burlington airport in 1982. The series boasted televisions most hilarious series finales, entitled The Last Newhart, in which character Dick Louden wakes up in bed next to Suzanne Pleshette, Bob Newharts co-star in the earlier 1970s The Bob Newhart Show series. Viewers learn the entire 1980s Newhart series was nothing more than a bad dream of Newharts 1970s character. Best DVDs Newhart video package is produced from films of the T.V. show, however, the episodes have not been digitally remastered as most video fans have come to expect. It is uncertain what licensing agreements were made with the owners of Newhart to jump ahead of CBS by producing the first DVD version of the series. Despite its rerun demise in the U.S. (the show remains in reruns in Canada), the spirit of Newhart will live on in DVDand at the Waybury Inn. Editor's Note: Thanks to Sally Martin of TV Tome.com and Ed Edwards of BobNewhartShow.com for background. Newhart on DVD Produced by Best DVD Entertainment To orders: www.bestdvdentertainmentonline.com Whats in the package Complete series: all 184 episodeson 31 DVDs for $74.99. Commercial free and unedited. The new collection consists of every episode of the T.V. series from the pilot film to the finale. Each episodes features exterior views of the Waybury Inn and other Addison County scenes. DVD specs: Region-free, meaning they will play on any DVD player, X-box, PS2 or3, DVD-ROM worldwide. Menus: On-screen menus to find episodes easily. Video Format: Normal (full) screen Language: English, no subtitles. Note: This is not a typical studio-produced box DVD set. You receive 31 DVDs with all 184 episodes. Best DVD says there is no fancy artwork or plastic cases; discs are labeled and each DVD is contained in a paper or plastic dvd sleeve to protect it from scratches.

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