Newcomb Board looks at land use plan

NEWCOMB The town board meeting opened up with Mike Carr, from the Nature Conservancy, discussing the disposition of land under the Finch sale. Carr first started describing the land from the Northway and across the Blue Ridge Road to Newcomb. They were excited that they have found a lot of rare plants in the area and that a moose was sited by Ragged Mountain. Carr said that the Essex Chain Lakes, Third Lake in the Gooley Club and the Opalescent River through the Santanoni and Henderson Lake all contain rare plants. Carr stated that it is of global importance of the ADK to contribute into protecting mixed deciduous forest world-wide. The Nature Conservancy position in the Adirondack Park is to work with the people and the land. They are working with communities to obtain land for affordable housing, the rafting communities, rock climbers, the snowmobile association, the horseback riders, and people who want to use seaplanes. A future plan for 134,130 acres was developed for the area. 73,627 acres is working forest easement where logging is still going on and is done within high standards. 57,699 acres is land that will become part of the forest preserve in three years. 1,098 acres will be for community enhancement and 1,715 acres will be for private land for conservation easements. Next, Carr discussed the planned disposition of 49,584 acres in Newcomb. There are going to be 75 miles of snowmobile trails that will link five towns and 35 miles will be new trails. They are going to reconnect 10 miles of a traditional trail to Minerva and Newcomb. They have property that they will sell to the Town of Newcomb that will enable them to expand their Golf Course. There is land available for the Newcomb School with a farmhouse on it that could be a dormitory for the Foreign Exchange students. Land will be available that could be used for affordable housing. There will be logging for the next twenty years. Eventually, the Polaris Club and the Gooley Club leases will be phased out and the land will become part of the Forest Preserve. Then a discussion opened up on the ability to use the Gooley Club land when it becomes available. Citizens wanted to know how far back they are going to put the trail heads. It was stated people wont go if it is too far back to carry a canoe. Ken Helms, Jr. asked, I would like to have a horse and wagon business and be able to bring people in to the Chain Lakes area similar to Camp Santanoni. What are the chances of horses being allowed back there? DEC Regional Director, Betsy Lowe, who attended the meeting, did not answer for Helms but said she would look into it. Amy Freiman, who has a camp across from the entrance of the Chain Lakes Road, asked, Where is the parking going to be? As of now, I am constantly picking up garbage that is left by the gate. Betsy Lowe said, The ground work has been laid down to put a good plan in place that will hopefully benefit everyone. Next, Lowell Stringer asked, What about the availability of ATV to be used in Gooley Club property? Mike Carr stated, The Snowmobile Association has been working with him but he hasnt heard anything from ATV people so I dont know what will happen yet. Then Carr asked if there were anymore questions as he had to leave. The Town Board and citizens thanked Mike Carr and Betsy Lowe from the DEC for coming and everyone appreciated their input. Next on the agenda, a letter was submitted from the Governor releasing the 2008-09 Executive Budget detailing his funding proposals for new and continued priority initiatives. The budget included an amendment to a $750,000 appropriation for the Town of Newcomb that will allow the Town to use the funding for their wastewater treatment facility. A resolution was made to hire Schrader to remove sludge from the waste water treatment facility. Next, another resolution was made to hire Mark Schachner, Attorney at Law, for any legal advice that the Town of Newcomb might need. A letter was submitted by Marvin Bissell stating that the Adirondack Community Trust would oversee his funding for the purchase of gravestones. The letter also stated that Bissell found 41 graves that dont have markers. A discussion ensued as to who would oversee the gravestone project. Canon stated, Possibly we could find someone from the Historical Society. Finally, approval was made to purchase a GF utility trailer w/trimmer rack and for a GF John Deere tractor. Canon asked if there were any concerns from the floor and the meeting came to an end.

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