My take on the Stony Creek Syndrome'

Dear Editor: Your Randalls Ramblings in the Feb. 23 Adirondack Journal sparked my interest. We bought the Steigman farm in 1957 and have paid taxes to the Town of Stony Creek since then. What you call the Do-It-My-Own Way approach, I like to call the Stony Creek Syndrome, a medical term for a disorder. Here the elected officials spend that tax money on themselves, on their schemes and their home improvements. Maybe that junk car law is the problem -- seepage of contaminants into their drinking water could explain away some of our town folks behavior, but not all Adirondackers act that way. Personally, I find it is more comfortable to wear my T-shirts inside out but not backwards. Wm. H. Bormann
Stony Creek

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