Civility needed in Port Henry debate

To the Times of Ti: Hello. As most of you know, the letters to the editor section has been used a lot lately by people protesting one thing or another. We as taxpayers have a right to ask questions, but do we need to attack the people we are asking? I recently posted something online that was borderline slander. Not that I meant to, but I was writing with blind emotion. I think there has been enough of that lately. We need to talk to these people not scream. I would like to make a few points clear as I see them. The volunteer firefighters in Port Henry (and everywhere else) are heroes and should not be verbally abused. Whether you feel we need a new building or not, they are still doing you a service for free and risking their lives. Whether you want consolidation or not, it will be up to the village voters and the study will be impartial. But you will not see a drop in your taxes, and you will lose some services. We live in a small village that can offer stuff the town just does not have the manpower to do, period! The main thing we need to look at with all this is who it will really affect. Low-income and fixed income. Lack of transportation will prevent some from removing their garbage or safely getting to the stores and services. We need to move forward as a community. I encourage everyone who has questions to ask them. The people we pay to run our village and town have open door policies; we should use them, not slander them. I understand there have been some personal attacks meant to start problems in the community. I ask these people not to post letters out of anger, but instead with sincerity. I myself have attacked a local community leader and for that I am sorry. Lets not split a village out of ignorance. Instead, lets hold it together with knowledge. Cant we all just get along? (Sorry had to put that in.) Rob DeFelice
Port Henry

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