Changes in Bridport but when?

To the Editor: Isnt it time to bring Bridport into the 21st Century? Some of us think it is time to do away with the good ol boy system. Its time for a change from selectmen who stack the deck by appointing only their kind, their type, while unappointing some members because of perceived threats or petty politics, etc. Its time for change in Bridport. Its hard to unseat an incumbent, but some stick in their seats far too long and get ensconced into little power plays. Some of us think its time for an old fashioned term-limit playvote em out. If selectboard members are really any good, and if they still want to be public servants, let em try another position and give others a chance to serve. Look to your ballot on town meeting day: Lets vote for a gender change on the selectboard. Another thought for the next time: Which words of wisdom are more germane, Many hands make light work or too many cooks spoil the broth? Food for thought for town meeting 09. Some of us would hate to see five, but when you get two too comfortable with paybacks and short sightedness, maybe theres a better way to get some different ideas? Lets think about change in 08 and even more change in 09. Lets get back to basics, but change some of the players. Please vote. H.K Wright

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