Are things as bad as they say?

My fellow Americans, apparently the three viable candidates vying for President dont see the good ole U. S. of A., quite the way I see it. You might call me a half-full guy, or a guy who wants to, as the old Bing Crosby song says, Ac centuate the positive. And from where I sit, stand, and lye, theres plenty of positive. Tuesday I performed at a jail for 20 inmates whove somewhere along the way screwed up. If I were running for President, Hilary, John and Barack, instead of spouting on how Americas drug culture is running out of control, and how Id be the only President who could stop it (likely to happen), Id include in a speech how the education program I presented my show for was full of guys, Black, Hispanic, White, who were as respectful a group Ive ever performed for. (Age 23 and younger without a diploma must attend classes, most of the gents where older than 23, they were there by choice) Id speak about how the two middle aged Hispanic dudes sitting in the front row nodded their heads and said God Bless, when I mentioned my dad lived to be ninety-three and a half. You know what, Im pulling the plug right here. I was going to try to write an interesting perhaps entertaining piece, but I need to get to the point. Its boring and getting old hearing folks running for President putting down our country. Thats basically what theyre doing in every speech they make. They make it sound like the end of the earth may come if you dont vote for them. They have to inject us with fear before they can speak on how theyll be able to make things better by taking that fear away. Im wondering if just once one of them could put a positive spin on things as they are today? Instead of, Our jails are full, theyre breaking down. When I am President Ill fix the corrections system so we can begin to rehabilitate those of us whove gone astray, could they put it this way, Our jails are full, theyre breaking down. But there are some positive things being done right now. In out jails men and women whove gone astray are being educated so when they get out theyll be equipped to live within a benevolent realm that will lead them once and for all forward, firmly attached and riding the American Dream. I pledge to keep the positive efforts being made flowing fore. See, the second approach gives a little credit where credit is due, instead of painting a picture of failure by all involved. I had dinner with a friend at an elder community. The place kills. Its ship-shape. The food was great. While eating with my friend, her daughter, and my mother, I looked around and saw 50 or so other folks who where 60 years old and up if they were a day, eating and chatting and laughing. I saw the young wait staff going about their business with a flow that would have impressed Henry Ford. I cut up with a few of them and they were bright and happy. Most of them on top of working are going to school. The entire experience was quite uplifting. In fact, as I left, I placed my reservation for a room, somewhere after 2040. The place worked but you wouldnt know by what youd hear from a candidate. My fellow Americans, (if they have the talent at this point the candidate pauses, takes a lower slower tone, lifts his/her head toward the sky for a split second, refocuses, and quietly continues), the other day an elderly lady shuffled up to me and grabbed hold of my arm with both hands, she was trembling and about to cry and she asked me if when I became president I could help all the folks grandparent age who so desperately need care, with social security, and health care, and Medicaid, which are crumbling under our system. I looked directly into the sweet old womens eyes and said, dont you worry, if you vote for me, the change will begin and never slow. Tell me what would it hurt to hear, My fellow Americans, I had dinner the other day with some of our elderly, and theyre doing great, and the friggin cranberry sauce was off the charts!! I guess the candidates would have to be nutzo to go out and so much as allude to the fact that life is going on along quite well for most Americans. I bet a great many of you who just read that would just about like to laugh out loud that I wrote it because you too dont believe things are going along well. Maybe youre right, but whats wrong with looking at the bright side, because ladies and gents, theres much more on the bright side then the dark side, if you actually look. But of course one cant get elected without placing oneself above the rest, and the easiest way to do that is with chastisement and fear. I get it, dont think Im that stupid, (think Im stupid, but not that stupid). If a doctor tells me Im 100% healthy, its a sure bet it would be hard to get me to take a pill. I like all the candidates, great folks Im sure. Im also sure they each have a horde of minions running up lane and down alley looking for the next best thing to inject into the campaign so their boss can go public with it and come out smelling like a Rose. Its a messy, messy deal, its a drag, but its the process were stuck with here in the good ole. I said Im a half full dude, thats why I wish the final three (sorry Mr. Huckabee) all the best with their efforts to protect us and have us prosper. I must say though, I cant make heads or tails out of what I see and hear from the lot of them. The NASCAR races held in southern California were held up with rain all weekend. The tracks now have jet engines hooked on trucks they use to dry the tracks. One of the commentators announced last night that from Friday to Sunday afternoon they burned 10,000 gallons of jet fuel. Dear Candidates, until you put a clamp on that type of waste, I can barely take you seriously. Hil, Bari, and John, when you challenge todays America youre dissing us all because were the ones whore running this deal. The American people are in charge; we make this thing schwing baby, not the President or the government. We whistle while we work, we make the money, we spend the money, we take care of our elders, we feed our young, we help disabled folks across the street, we put on plays, we pitch in to build the town jungle-jim, we develop new products, we do our school work, were getting in done. If you think things suck, youre not being very complimentary, and to that I say, pardon us. If you dont think things suck and youre just saying things suck cause thats how youll be able to win, I hope you lose.

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