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May 2008 was a cool, dry month, with both temperatures and precipitation below normal. Temperatures ranged from a high of 79 degrees recorded on the 26th to a low of 25 degrees recorded on the 1st. Our average high was 65.1 degrees and the average low was 38.5 degrees giving us a daily average of 51.8 degrees, 2.9 degrees below the normal of 54.7 degrees. This was the third coolest on record. The coldest May was in 2002 when the average temperature was 50.6 degrees. The warmest was in 1991 when the average was 59.5 degrees. The last frost recorded in Riparius was on the 6th when the temperature was 32 degrees. There were several frosts in other areas much later in the month but the river has a moderating effect on the temperatures here in Riparius.The average last frost in Riparius is May 22nd. The earliest last frost was on May 5th in 1989. The latest last frost was on June 9th in 1983. There were 412 degree days bringing our seasonal total to 7767.5 Precipitation was also below normal as only 1.21 inches fell, most of it early in the month.This amount was 2.52 inches below normal and the third driest on record. The driest May was last year when only 0.98 inches fell. The wettest May was in 1990 when 7.61 inches fell. Measurable rain fell on only 9 days with the most, 0.38 inches, falling on the 4th. Our seasonal total is now 20.02 inches, still 4.05 inches above the normal of 15.97 inches. With all of the precipitation we have had it was hard to believe how dry the gardens were when they were planted. The river reached its highest level, 6.09 feet, on the first and fell steadily to its lowest level, 3.17 feet, on the 31st.

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