DEC issues violations for Thurman landfill over piece of carpet, two empty paint cans

THURMAN The State Department of Environmental Conservation recently issued a citation to the town for the presence of improper refuse in its landfill, but the town supervisor said Wednesday the state was being nitpicky in its actions. DECs Solid & Hazardous Materials staff inspected Thurmans Construction and Demolition Debris landfill May 14, and during the visit, they observed several paint cans and old carpeting in the landfill, neither of which are considered construction and demolition debris. According to the DEC regulations, these materials can not be accepted at the landfill. A town employee at the site said he suspected the material had been dropped off after hours. DEC cited Thurman for two violations - accepting material not allowed in accordance with the facility's permit and not properly controlling access to the site. On May 19, a letter from DEC staff was sent to Thurman Supervisor John Haskell and the town board, notifying them of the violations. The letter said that the town must take steps to better control access to the site to prevent the disposal of waste when Town employees are not present at the landfill. Haskell said Wednesday the landfill was locked and secured. He said the two paint cans found at the landfill were empty and only contained a small amount of dried paint. The carpeting was only a relatively small piece, he said. This is getting pretty nitpicky, he said, adding he debated with DEC staff that carpeting and empty paint cans were routinely found as debris in construction projects. Haskell questioned whether the DEC Hazardous Materials staff had their priorities straight. The state is not addressing conditions at various contaminated sites across the county, yet theyve written up a violation on two empty paint cans and a chunk of carpet?

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