A different name for God

To the editor: I am a United Methodist pastor deeply committed to the cause of Jesus Christ. I have claimed Jesus power for myself; He is my personal savior. His redemptive action has greatly improved my life. It is such an awesome and joyous task to serve Christ that I strive to share His love, joy and peace with others. Many call that inward and outward response to Jesus love, holiness. Two summers ago, I was called upon to pray at a Christian gathering, it was during the Israeli-Lebanese crisis. I started my prayer by referring to God the Father by Gods Hebrew and Arabic (not Islamic necessarily) names, Adonai and Allah. Sadly, some in attendance never heard any parts of the prayer after I used a different name for God. My lifes journey has been blessed by Jewish and Arabic friends and family; I knew the terms for God in their language and the Holy Spirit led me to show Gods love for all of humanity. Of course, I ended my prayer, emphatically, in the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, my savior. The founder of the holiness movement, John Wesley, said The world is my parish, the Gospel of John states, For God so loved the world. For the sake of the Gospel of Jesus and the savior in whose name I humbly serve, I hope and pray this, once and for all, puts all rumor and innuendo to rest. The Rev. Al Johnson, Mooers United Methodist Church

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