Sex and the Logger

Here I am sitting at a fancy Stowe, Vt., sandwich shop the kind with WiFi and $5 a cup coffee typing my weekly column on a sleek, silver laptop. Normally, I do my work at my home, but this time my appointments which start with the funeral of a friends mother are scattered in such a spray as to not allow me to return home until past midnight. So, Ive thrown in the towel and joined the in-crowd by doing my personal work in front of strangers. It feels funny, stupid even elitist to be engrossed in my own little world at a shop counter blasting the keyboard in a way that implies Im getting something important done; something much more important than eating. In many towns in Vermont these days, paths of life lead us to stand-up ordering overpriced hummus-stuffed Falafels. One could say $9 organic pulled-pork wraps are nothing more than a sign of the trendy times. But if my dad (pre-dementia) were to come down from heaven and see me typing on this electronic metal tablet, he wouldnt recognize me. It would be the thought of the Logger stepping foot into one of these pannini boutique food shops that would get me laughed out of town but it doesnt. Im bemused and maybe more to the point: insecure knowing the Lord designed and built my mind and body to do physical work, not namby pamby typing, dreaming, and thinking-type work. Physical work would require that I eat at places designed for the common man: places that cook with Crisco not Orzo. Places where everybody knows your name (and not so much your alma mater). My job is evidence that Ive let the Lord, and myself down; but still I rest well knowing that if my job doesnt require me to heavy lift, Ive certainly worked hard at intending it to uplift. Is where you are where you thought you might be? Is where you are where you want to be? Have you recently stood on the outside looking in at yourself to see where you are? Well, tell you whatI like where I am even if the palm of my hands are soft. I started adult life being a calloused-handed man, but my passion led me to where I am today: sitting typing, eating a granola parfait. But Im okay with that. Why wouldnt I be? Its a pretty easy life. If you arent okay with where youre at, make some changes soon; were all getting old even if youre age 19. On that same subjectwell, not really, I want to recommend a movie I saw the other night. Dont laughthe movie is titled, Sex in the City. I went to the movie alone (you can laugh at that if you like). My Mom told me her girlfriends were planning on seeing Sex in the City; I wondered if my mother knew what she was getting herself into? I am sure she hadnt seen the television show and I told her there would be graphic nudity, cussin, and frank sexual conversation; knowing her, I was pretty sure she would be uncomfortable watching it. She agreed with me and said shed pass... For me, however, the flick started out a bit slow, boring, and predictable. It never reached a level of unpredictability, but after the first 20 minutes or so it layered into believability. When I see a flick I want to be able to believe the story, and I want to care about the characters. Im not saying I cared a great deal about all the characters throughout, but there were certainly many more moments of truth in the movie than I expected. There were funny moments, too. The gals in the ensemble are sharp as far as Im concerned, they got the job doneand than some. I liked actor Chris Noth who plays the lead male character. Im surprised the movie will appeal to men almost as well as women. I liked Sex in the City, but you know what? You might hate it. Whos to say really?... So Ill just say, for me, Sex in the City, was entertaining. Of course, I went in with low expectations; so see that colors my positive recommendation right there... Guys, as far as the nudity goes you wont like it cause the nude scenes are mostly shot for the voyeuristic pleasure of the female audience. By the way Mom, youre definitely not allowed to see this movie! Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act The Logger. His column appears weekly. He can be reached at rustyd@pshift.com. Listen for The Logger, Rusty DeWees, Thursdays at 7:40 on the Big Station, 98.9 WOKO or visit his website at www.thelogger.com

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