Politicians, judges threaten our constitution

I am an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. The SCOTUS ruling, upholding the lower courts in Heller produced satisfaction, was tempered by the narrowness of the decision. All justices agreed the Second Amendment is an individual right. But how four voted against it is not comprehensible. Nonetheless, they did, and that is worrisome when the Bill of Rights is subject to a whim. U.S. Sen. Obamas position on the Second Amendment has one more side than a polygon. He finally settled on a pro right to own a weapon, according to the Bill of Rights, but states and localities can legislate all manner of rules as to where, how, and who is elite enough to carry. At first consideration, this is a typical liberal absurdity. Why have a Bill of Rights? The scales fell from my eyes and the beauty of Obamas logic became apparent. I realized the cramped channel of my logic; I thought only inside the box. Why restrict Obamas reasoning to the Second Amendment? Well-crafted legislation in the states and localities can produce highly desirous results in many other amendments, to wit First Amendment: Any journalist convicted of publishing, printing, broadcasting liberal tripe, or causing the aforementioned, shall be prohibited from being in possession of writing implements, computers, microphones, telephones, paper or transmitters and banned from all media contact as a prohibited person. Fourth Amendment: This now applies only to American citizens in the selected states and local areas; all others may be seized and searched. Illegal immigrants may be indentured before deported. Fifth and Sixth Amendments: Depends on who and what they did. The more heinous the crime, and undesirable the miscreant, gives sanction to more basic diversion. Eighth Amendment: The state and locality will determine bail and punishment to be dependent on the person held. See Fifth and Sixth. 13th Amendment: No slavery unless the state or locality votes such laws for a specific reason. Section 2 is void if any state or locality so chooses. 14th Amendment: This new process makes this amendment null. 15th Amendment: Voter registration in states and localities so choosing may ban liberals from voting under new mental incompetence laws. This avoids race, color, and servitude unless changed under the amended 13th Amendment. Section 2 is void if any state or locality so chooses. 16th Amendment: Most states will vote to end income tax. Why send any money to support the remnants of the Constitution? 19th Amendment: Hey, some places might have changed the 13th, why not change this one? 24th Amendment: States and localities may bring back a poll taxand any other voting taxas needed. One never knows when the entities need a new revenue source. They will know whom to tax. Section 2 is void if any state or locality so chooses. 26th Amendment: Definitely, this is changed. If anyone isnt smart enough to drink wisely or own a handgun, he or she isnt smart enough to vote. Section 2 is void if any state or locality so chooses. 27th Amendment: Most localities, if not states, will write new law on this. Why pay any of the clowns in the U.S. Congress? They dont do anything. We have Senator Obama to thank for this enlightenment; it takes a liberal socialist lawyer to see part of an answer. They never see the unintended consequences. Ed Mann, Waltham, E-mail: edg.mann@verizon.net

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