Wanted: Less blood, more story

Have you ever wanted to kill someone? No, me neither. Not even close. Sure, Ive been angry with people over the years, but never to a degree where death seemed like a reasonable option. The big joke among my friends is that I dont even kill bugs. I can be sitting in my living room enjoying a cold beverage with a buddy when all of a sudden a common housefly will scoot by. Without missing a beat, I will rise, quickly locate my homemade bug-catcher (an old Tupperware bowl), and then, when the fly stops to rest, I simply place the bowl over it. Once captured, I slide a handy piece of paper under the bowl and carry the insect out the door to freedom. No harm, no foul. Over the years, I have been mocked by friends and family for this behavior. I try to explain that it has little to do with the love of bugs, but that its more about the sanctity of life. The effort that it takes to kill a fly is about the same as it is to catch one. Why extinguish life when theres no need? Maybe its my interpretation of karma, but somehow I feel better when I choose capture and release instead of squash and trash. Now, dont get me wrong. I respect life, but if youre a fly and you refuse my services, there will come a point when my flyswatter will be utilized. And as much as I try to help out my fellow inhabitants of planet Earth, I have little concern if someone else chooses the use of their shoe to extradite an unwanted quest. I guess its just a personal thing. Somewhere along the way I got it in my head that killing something was not an act that felt particularly good to me. Apparently, the characters in this weeks feature, Wanted, have none of these feelings since killing seemed to be as commonplace as going to the bathroom, except with a little less thought. Wanted is the story of a young man who is at a crossroads: his life seems meaningless, hes in a dead-end job, and his girlfriend is having an affair. All that changes one day when he is absorbed into a secretive society of assassins who want to rid the world of evildoers. I dont think Ive seen a film as violent as this one since Tarantinos over-the-top Kill Bill. Once the storyline is set up, Wanted does nothing more than unleash a murderous rampage, culminating in an unusually harsh final act. Advertising campaigns are touting this film as the summers most wild ride, but I can tell you that the ride, while definitely wild, is also gratuitous to a fault. Obviously this is a film geared toward younger viewers who want action and adventure. The action is clearly present but the adventure angle is lost in a ridiculous premise and poor storytelling. Check this one out if youre in the mood for an adrenaline rushjust be prepared for the spilling of a lot of needless blood. A preposterous C- for Wanted. Video Pick of the Week: Lars and the Real Girl Heres one whose subject matter might initially alienate some people. Lars and the Real Girl is about a troubled young man who suffers from extreme social anxiety. In order to combat his inability to connect with women, Lars orders a life-size companion doll and introduces her to everyone in his hometown as his new girlfriend. How the townspeople react and ultimately defend Lars provides the films heart and humor. Check this one out if youre in the mood for a wacky but extremely heartfelt love story. Its a remarkably good film, with an Oscar-worthy performance by leading man Ryan Gosling. Got a question or comment for Dom? Contact him at moviediary@comcast.net

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