Socialism is popular, huh?

To the editor: Vermont is on the verge of a heretofore unknown prosperity. Amazing, it is absolutely amazing at how desirable socialism is in the Green Mountain State. Soon well have universal health care, affordable housing and a livable wage for the underemployed. Renewable energy for all! We simply need to subsidize these alternatives to make them fashionable. No nukes, no coal, no instate hydro dams to contaminate our natural beauty; the Conservation Law Foundation of Massachusetts will help here. What is not to like about the enumerated entitlement programs including education in a public school with no choice? Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drug programs, and the ever-popular Social Security, top the list. The words themselves give a bulwark to the vagaries of individualism. Look at the remuneration: How can anyone pass up this phenomenon? Since the reader is able now to see the manifold advantage of socialism, only one question remains: Why is it always mandatory? Ed Mann, Waltham Edg.mann@verizon.net

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