Trooper has insurance; do you?

To the Times of Ti: Do you have health insurance? I dont, and I have diabetes, as well as high blood pressure. Therefore, I work two jobs to pay for my medications and my doctors visits. Now I need another job to pay for the ticket a state trooper gave me July 12 for cleaning my sunglasses. After working all night and all day, I stopped to get gas at the Sunoco station in Schroon Lake, and as I was pulling out of the gas station I cleaned my sunglasses so my eyes wouldnt burn from lack of sleep, but a state trooper saw me. The trooper insisted that I didnt have my seatbelt on, but I assured him I wear my seatbelt and I have for years; a friend died from not wearing his. Seeing what he thought he saw was incorrect, he decided he would give me a ticket for No Hands on the Wheel or Steering Device instead. Very kind of him. What has happened to our society? Can anyone think of anything more important for a state trooper to do than sit on the side of the road waiting for drivers to clean their sun glasses so they can pull them over and ticket them? Does New York State need money that bad? Perhaps if New York State would stop hiring state troopers at a starting salary of $55,000 more or less plus benefits and health insurance, the state would not be so broke. Do you have health insurance? I dont and this month I will have to decide what to go without gas, food or medications. You can bet that the trooper whom ticketed me will not wonder if he can afford his medications and coffee at Stewarts... correction Stewarts gives free coffee to our so-called public protectors. Ron Neddo, Crown Point

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