Join Schroon peace demonstrations

To the Times of Ti: The war in Iraq is an increasing blight upon our integrity, prosperity and security. This preemptive war is a grave mistake that gets worse with each passing day. This tragic adventure must be ended promptly and with dignity. Imagine the happiness of our society if the federal government was to spend $1.5 billion a week of our tax money on the immediate and long-term needs of the American people instead of making war in Iraq! With the amount of money that the Bush administration is throwing down a bottomless Iraqi pit we could finance universal health care insurance, a viable solar energy economy, affordable housing, first-rate public education and competent natural disaster relief. It is tragic to contemplate that the only surplus George Bush knows how to create, is international enmity against the United States. It is time to stand up publicly against this unjust war, that is killing and maiming our young people, and is tearing apart Iraqi society and our small, interdependent world. Please join us every Sunday at 11 a.m. till noon rain or shine on Main Street, across from the theatre, in Schroon Lake. Arnold Paglia, Schroon Lake

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