Was told at the Arsenal Monday, that, after the obituaries, my little pieces were the most looked for articles. Eatcha heart (pronounced hot if yah a Maniac) all advertisers. Better yet, write me and I'll mention your ad. Was a fly on the wall at Willsboro HS 55th class reunion last week. Cant tell you what happened because after Bob Talbots bowling Ball story someone hit me with a fly swapper. Oh, one other thing, Rick of Ricks Place showed me how to use a ring to open a bottle of beer. Does anyone have a ring to donate for my next emergency? Attention collectors of the absolutely outstanding Essex calendar. This years edition is in color and celebrates the Quadricentennial. Its now available at the Essex Town Hall and also the Methodist Church annual strawberry shortcake sale on July 4th. Shortcake $4.00-calendar $8.00. Buy em both together and the discount price will be $12.00. Dont worry about getting juice on calendar, its waterproof. Went to the four hands piano concert last week. While it was outstanding for the most part, I thought their pitsycotos Umbria go, colletivo resoundings, and olivo was too pointedly reflective of the high brilliance of the pianny. Not once did any of the hands, howsoever get stuck to each other. After 5 Brass opens up the Midday concerts on July 10 at 11.30. They got a really good tuber (spel tuba) if not from Maine. When Donna Bailey was conducting her daily walk, what to her surprise: she had a Champy sighting on the Whallons Bay Road. When she got closer, when what to her surprise, Champy looked like John McBride who was dripping wet and standing in the middle of the road shouting The Waters at 52. What a strange thing for Champs first known spoken word. Guess what? I hear that some mysterious person, wearing a black mask with a silver bullet in his navel has paid for the Farm Bureaus Friend of the Court legal submission. Both of their two working farm members wonder where the money came from. No they know. Despite this frightening contumacy, I understand that the Town Board is still sallying forth thanks to donated money and at full speed with their appeal despite this land mine, only this time using the law firm of Dewey, Jeetem and Orphan. Maybe the Farm Bureau would like to participate in this suit since I saw two plants in the canaliculated gully.

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