Councilman urges ruling against APA

To the editor: An open appeal to the Honorable Essex County Supreme Court Judge Richard Meyers. In regards to the hearing in the case of Lewis Farm and The Adirondack Park Agency. I plead with you to to uphold our rights and Ag and Markets jurisdiction, and allow the Lewis Farm to build their farm housing without an APA permit. In recent years the APA has systematically added more restrictions to our ability to develop on our private property here in the Adirondack Park. They are trampling the authority of all other regulatory agencies including the Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Transportation, and the NYS Department of Health, as well as the local Boards of Health. The last two involve the location and types of septic systems that are being allowed. Two years ago just 10% of septic systems were rejected by the APA, last year over 20% were rejected and this year 35% are being rejected due to septic considerations. Nothing on the local end has changed, we are using the same engineers and builders that have been siting these systems for years. The APA has continued to overrule NYSDOH law and disallowed system that only a couple of years ago would be approved. Our legislature seems to ignore this problem. I appeal to our Judges to right this wrong. Second issue; our State government has just passed Smart Growth legislation. This is the worst piece of legislation for our rural region our elected officials could of passed. It will give even more tools to govt. agencies to stop development. If our local officials in Albany will not vote against this kind of tyranny (they didn't) then we need a change of our representation in Albany. Tim Sherman, Town of Westport Councilman

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