PLATTSBURGH The following births were recently announced by CVPH Medical Center. June 26 A boy, Tannor William, was born to Christina Miner and Joseph Bushey V; and a boy, Kenneth Olin, was born to Lori Demar and Kyle Wrisley. June 25 A boy, Steven James, was born to Shannon and James Clark; and twin girls, Caydence Lyn and Lillian Elizabeth, were born to Shianna Baker and David Sutliff. June 24 A girl, Taylor Marie, was born to Carrie and Eugene Breyette; a boy, Timothy Michael, was born to Michelle Martinez and Timothy Korb; a boy, Luke Ryan, was born to Kristy McDonald and Louis LaBarge; and a girl, Alexis Victoria, was born to Stephanie and Joshua LaCombe. June 23 A girl, Alyn Monique, was born to Bryana Phaneuf and Jonathan Capen; a boy, Lucas James, was born to Jamie and Brady McClatchie; and a girl, Melina LeeAna, was born to Lindsay DiStefano and Edward Stanton. June 22 A boy, Cole Allen, was born to Melinda and Matthew Gay; and a girl, Cecilia Anna, was born to Natalie and Craig Roberts Sr. June 21 A girl, Gavriella Gladys, was born to Trina Healey and Joshua Cohen; and a girl, Abigale Lynn, was born to Leah Bola and Matthew Flack. June 20 A girl, Tessa Beth, was born to Heather and Jason Clark; and a girl, Madelyn Marie, was born to Mindy Denis and James Richardson. June 19 A boy, Jasper John, was born to Keren and Arnold Burdo-Foley; a girl, Nataliya Rose, was born to Heidi and Troy Canada; and a girl, Kennedy Grace, was born to Jenny Wood and Kyle Matthews. June 18 A girl, Ayla Reese, was born to Trisha and Jamie Blaise; a boy, Wyatt Hunter, was born to Naine LaBelle-Matott and Leo Matott; and a boy, Carson Allen, was born ot Monica Guerin and Mark McDonald. June 17 A girl, Peyton Elizabeth, was born to Melissa and William Dominy; a boy, Aiden Michael, was born to Stephanie Bracy and Ryan Patterson; a girl, Ashleigh Elizabeth, was born to Angela Aubin and William Ouimette; and a girl, Hannah Lynn, was born to Jennifer and Jamie Steenberge. June 16 A girl, Kelcee Victoria, was born to Katie Desnoyers and Vincent Doaner; and a girl, Brynn Taft, was born to Melissa Rabideau and Daniel LaMountain. June 15 A boy, Trent Johnathan, was born to Mallory Supley and Jeremy Demar. June 14 A girl, Lexi Ann, was born to Deborah and Kenny Roberts. June 13 A girl, Eastlynne Eva-Jean, was born to Paige Flora and Laine Baker; a boy, Owen Michael Ray, was born to Belinda and Ronald Fuller; and a boy, Ian Eric, was born to Megan and Jesse Lawrenz. June 12 A girl, Ashley Michele, was born to Michele Derrigo and James Barnes; a boy, Luke Michael, was born to Stephanie and Michael Carlisto; and a girl, Krista Halyn, was born to Jamie Brunelle and William Sebert Jr. June 11 A boy, Brandon James Robert, was born to Jennifer Bracy and Billy Joe Johnston; and a boy, Haidyn Phillip, was born to Nicole Burnard and Westley Suber Jr. June 10 A boy, Maxwell Owen, was born to Heidi Benware; and a girl, Emily Rose, was born to Holly and Stanley Kusalonis. June 9 A girl, Rylie Anne, was born to Hanna Sorel and Jason Kaplan. June 8 A boy, Josiah James, was born to Amanda and Joseph Garrand; a girl, Olivia Louise, was born to Marie Conner and Steven Godsay; and a girl, Sylvia Lynn, was born to Peggy and Francis Staats.

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