A place called Unity

To the editor: I am a resident of Unity, N.H. (pronounced Ut-nee by the way). I am a life member of the NRA, member of the Gun Owners of N.H., an avid shooter and strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. I would like to tell you about my experience at the recent Obama rally in Unity, N.H., on June 27. Knowing that Obama and Clinton were going to be literally in my backyard (two miles away), I just couldnt sit this one out. I put on my NRA hat , shirt and pin and armed with a protest sign that said PROUD AMERICANS AND BITTER GUN OWNERS AGAINST OBAMA I got to the rally early, checked with local law enforcement officials about the do and donts. I wanted to stay within the law. I proceeded to check out the scene. Having just returned from the NRA annual convention in Kentucky, where by the way, I met some of the most wonderful people in the world and felt so proud to be a part of them, I quickly realized I was in a very different world. As the crowd grew in numbers, and I was out numbered about 4,000 to one, I started to get a lot of attention from the press and antis it got real interesting from here out. We had to file in line through a very strict uniformed secret service check, just like the TSA in the airports. I found a good location not to far from the speakers platform. I took my seat peacefully, but immediately started getting a lot of harassment from the folks around me nasty looks and comments. I figured I was starting to accomplish my mission. I was approached by a couple of Obama team people and told I would have to give up my sign or leave. I told them no way! I had every right to be there and I was peaceful and respectful to those around me; I was exercising my First Amendment rights. They went away. Several more of Obamas team came by to harass me with more threats to remove me and my poster from the rally. I told them to get lost. The U.S. Secret Service showed up and asked to speak to me. I obliged them. They told me that it had been brought to their attention that I was a NRA member and very active and they wanted me checked out for guns. I couldnt believe what they were saying to me! I had just gone through the same security checks with everyone else. I allowed them to check me out and promised not to hurt any antis with my poster. You talk about paranoia! Things got interesting from there on out with more harassment from all around me; more visits form the Obama team, people trying to pull me down, one woman tried pulling my poster from me. I stood my ground awaiting the big moment; then there they were, Obama and Clinton. I was about to finalize my mission as they took the platform. I stood up flashing my poster in their faces only about 100 feet away. Team Obama brought more antis to hold a large banner in front of me but I managed to get mine higher. This went on for about 10 minutes or so, then they came with the sherriff. The officer in charge very nicely explained to me that they really had made a mistake earlier telling me that I could be there with my poster inside the rally. After more attempts by the Obama team, secret service and all, my adoring fans did not know what to do about me. They called the New Hampshire attorney generals office. The sheriff explained that because Team Obama had rented the area for the day, they could say what signs were allowed and what were not. I told them what I thought about that, but agreed to leave (but not before getting in one more good lick in). I stood up again with my poster and yelled out Obama, you cant handle the truth! America you are witnessing how the Obama campaign treats opposing views! I was then escorted from the premises. It was such a proud moment for me. I could feel Charlton Heston there with me. After this experience, I am more convinced than ever that I am on the right team. John Mosher, Unity, N.H.

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