Hubbardton was a bloody battle

HUBBARDTON The Battle of Hubbardton was an engagement in the Saratoga campaign of the American Revolutionary War. On the morning of July 7, 1777, British forces, under Gen. Simon Fraser, caught up with the American rear guard of the forces withdrawing from Fort Ticonderoga. It was the only battle of the revolution fought on Vermont soil. Following the evacuation of Fort Ticonderoga, American forces under Major General Arthur St. Clair sought safety with a hurried retreat to the southeast. The American general left a rear guard near the town of Hubbardton, Vermont, with Green Mountain Boys led by Colonel Seth Warner, 11th Massachusetts Regiment under Colonel Ebenezer Francis and the Second New Hampshire Regiment under Col. Nathan Hale (along with men from Whitcomb's Rangers). The British pursuit was headed by Brigadier Simon Fraser, whose Advance Corps attacked the Americans early on July 7, catching the American forces by surprise. Falling back to a secure position on Monument Hill, the Americans repulsed several vigorous British assaults. The tide of the battle turned when, after more than an hour of battle, Brunswick Grenadiers under the command of Baron von Riedesel arrived. These disciplined forces entered the fray singing hymns to the accompaniment of a military band. Francis fell mortally wounded during this part of the fighting, and the Americans eventually gave way. The British and German troops defeated the American rearguard and forced it off of the field, but the action gave sufficient time to allow St Clair's rearguard to escape. Unlike earlier battles, the Continental Army troops continued to fight in a disciplined manner despite suffering heavy losses. Once they had achieved their aim, the Americans executed a dangerous but successful disengagement from the enemy and retreated to join St. Clair. The British losses at Hubbardton were sufficient to end thoughts of further pursuit. The force returned to Fort Ticonderoga and linked up with John Burgoynes main army. Relive1777 battle this weekend! This weekend you can relive history on the Hubbardton battlefield. July 5-6 marks the 2008 Battle of Hubbardton Revolutionary War Encampment Weekend. The event commemorates the 231st anniversary of the only Revolutionary War battle fought in Vermont. Activities are geared for the whole family. Reenactors portray the soldiers who fought here. Tactical military demonstrations, drilling lessons, guided camp and battlefield tours, courts martial, camp life activities, one-room schoolhouse, scavenger hunt, and colonial games. Performance by Seth Warner Mount Independence Fife & Drum Corps Saturday afternoon, shopping on sutlers row, and memorial service. Demonstration of Revolutionary War tactical maneuvers Sunday morning, followed by a symbolic Revolutionary relay to send news about the battle to the Old Constitution House in Windso. Food stand both days. 9:30 a.m.5 p.m., Saturday; 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday

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