MOMIX makes Moon dreams come true at the Flynn

BURLINGTON Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the Moon. That was one of the headlines when Buzz and I took our momentous stroll on July 20, 1969, almost 40 years ago. I often dream about that day. But I dont dream about the Moons stark beauty, its resemblance to our high desert, or its magnificent desolation (Buzzs phrase). Instead, my dreams are about fantastic Moon ballets, surreal dancing made possible by the Moons light gravity, one-sixth of the Earths. Buzz and I are not exactly Nureyev and Baryshnikov, but the Moon made us buoyant enough to dance. And dream. MOMIXs Lunar Sea program made my dreams come true at the Flynn Center on Jan 23. MOMIX is a company of dancer-illusionists directed by Moses Pendleton, who was born in Lyndonville, Vermont. For over 20 years, theyve used props, puppets, and people to open other worlds. Lunar Sea is their latest creationa trip to the Moon that doesnt require rocket science or a bulky space suit. Buzz and I landed the Lunar Module Eagle in the Moons Sea of Tranquility, and that was the title of the first half of MOMIXs show. Dancers glowed in the dark and then disappeared. They peacefully floated, swam like seahorses, tilted, ran, somersaulted, and leaped across the stage. Their bodies united and divided. Psychedelic, Rorschach-like projections flashed on a giant screen. Meditative music from albums like The Buddha Experience- Zen Trance made me feel like I was in outer space again. The second half of the show, Bay of Seething, was dream-like also, less serene but just as fascinating. Women hopped around on transparent medicine balls, a green spider devoured an orange one, jellyfish-like creatures played, and ballerinas danced without heads. Everyone around me seemed energized by Hans Zimmers powerful music. It made me want to travel to the Moon once more, but, at 77, I dont think I have much chance. Maybe Ill just buy one of Zimmers CDs instead. Can you believe that he composed music for the movie Moonlighting 25 years ago? You can watch my one small step onto the Moon at YouTube.com. While youre there, check out the MOMIX videos too. Youll see an awful lot of their giant leaps in addition to my own giant leap for mankind.

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