Harlem pros play hoops with PHS team

It was a packed auditorium recently when the Harlem Rockets professional entertainment-basketball team squared off against Poultney High Schools Dream Team. The spectators arrived early, not only for the guarantee of a seat, but in anticipation of one of Poultneys most entertaining events in years. The lighthearted fundraiser was sponsored by the Poultney High School Athletic Council and the proceeds went toward the senior banquet scheduled in May. Before show time, the Rockets visited with both the elementary and high schools during the daythe students had a ball as they interacted with the team. This team exudes love and warmth, especially with children of all ages. Also before the start of the game, two Poultney teachers and team players stated how they had never played basketball. Linda Smith said, This is my first-ever game. She did very well securing her first shot first time out on the court. Michele Harmon exclaimed, I think theyre in for trouble! Participants represented for the Harlem Rockets Team were players Seven Footer, Showboat, Slick, the Finisher, The Rock-It, Super Chicken. Game master of ceremonies was Ben Werblow The PHS Dream Team of players included Dale Kerber, Ericka Valenti, Steven Shepardson, Michele Harmon, Linda Smith, David Capman, Dan Jones, Kim Jones, Jacob Ricopoulos, Keith Harrington, and cheerleader, Principal JeanMarie K. Oakman. Dean of Students Nancy Schwaner was nominated to play gave her support on the sidelines. Referees included Jim Oakman and little Taite Robert Capman, son of Chris and Amy Capman. Taite had his own official uniform and accompanying whistle. The game proved to be entertaining in all aspectsoutrageously comical and electrifying with a variety of talented basketball moves, dancing, a short game of football in the midst of second quarter, as well as the popular song and dance moves to Soulja Boy. The contagious music kept the crowd dancing throughout the gym, whether they stood or moved within their seats. Super Chicken started off with his lion slippers and dance moves. He eventually roamed around in a robe carrying his pillow, sucking on a pacifier, and shooting red spray paint on to the hair of the requested children. At half-time and the end of the game spectators lined up for autographs on posters, basketballs, wristbands, and anything imaginable including articles of clothing. The half-time entertainment included the ChaCha Slide dance, catch the ballwith the roar of You are out, each time a participant dropped the ball. A truly remarkable, loveable Harlem Rocket Team held the little ones and made sure the youngsters won during the catch the ball game. Over a span of 14 years and having over 2,400 wins, the undefeated Harlem Rockets once again walked away with a victory of 85-63. The Dream Teams efforts should not go unrecognized. They did very well and had a very close first quarter, 18-11. At the end of each quarter: 1st 26-17; 2nd 53-37; 3rd 73-54.

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