The look of wind energy

To the editor: Do I deserve the right to harm you? No. Would I deserve the right to diminish your health by sending unhealthy materials or noises onto your property? Since that rights been denied in industrial cases, it sounds doubtful. How about your right to do something you enjoy, on your property, that unintentionally makes some of us unhappy, irrespective of health? Since our state of happiness doesnt affect our health, it does us no harm, so you deserve that right. How about your choice of color for your home, or the height of your grass? You may prefer formal gardens manicured look with sculpted shrubs, or perhaps a putting course but we, a rangier appearance suggesting agricultural hay meadows to preserve a rural looking landscape - more relaxing to us. You enjoy, or find acceptable, the appearance youve achieved, but we can see it from our properties and were unhappy with it. Would we deserve the right to prevent your regular mowing and trimming? Besides ours, your happiness is involved. Should our emotional whims prevail over your property rights? Should our rights over your property exceed your own? Sometimes maybe: things done on, or to, ones property exporting demonstrable damage, such as industrial clouds of chemical toxin wafting over, or liquid poisons draining in(for example raw sewage or gasoline-leaking junked automobiles, etc.) might qualify; loud noises too, noticeably damaging hearing outside property lines. These empirically threaten bodily harm. Theyre real! Arent real threats what zoning laws are meant to control? Since appearance is only in a beholders eye (i.e. opinion), isnt it something that neither majority rule nor minority rights deserve jurisdiction over, leaving merely owners preference? It trivializes zoning laws eminent domain when powerplants can be shut down for truly causing bodily harm, but physically harmless replacements are resisted over corresponding objections as comparatively trivial as their appearance. Should we have a right to prevent some wind turbine(s) invited installation on your property because it offends our vanity? Would that be reasonable? David E. Manwell

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