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To the Times of Ti: Tim Bryant correctly questioned why Port Henry chose not to fix the existing Port Henry Fire Department building. In addition to correcting problems with the current facility, here is a short list of other options that PHFD refuse to consider Wheelocks Garage, the property that Mr. Van Slouten offered to donate to PHFD, and consolidation with the Moriah department with a satellite station in the village. One point I could never reconcile is Chief Dalys assertion that he could sell for $250,000 the same fire house he worked hard to find an engineering firm to condemn. Which is it, condemned or worth $250,000? Wonder how this insanity has gone this far? Before I was ordered to resign the village board, I could not help but to notice attendance at the board meetings. Unless its summertime and campers were on the war path, the gallery consisted of six fire department members in PHFD T shirts and two residents. Somehow, any suggestion to question the need for a $3,000.000 fire facility was quickly turned into a so you dont appreciate the firemen accusation. Whenever the prohibited price was questioned the short answer was, well get a grant for some of it. That thinking is what leads to the $53 trillion national debt we currently enjoy. The fire house dominates meetings. Less glamorous items like the crumbling dam that supplies our water, our bridges to nowhere by the boat launch, or the condition of our sidewalks are tabled. Fuel oil is over $3.50 a gallon. We are all wondering how well keep our families warm this winter. Some economists predict a severe recession just around the corner, thanks in part to our $53 trillion debt. Sorry PHFD, this is not a good time to ask us to vote on your Taj Mahal. If the mayor and the board are bullied into bringing something this preposterous to a referendum I predict two outcomes; a sound defeat of the proposal and brand new faces on the board after the next election. If they are able to slip it past without a referendum, like they did when they listed the current building with a Ticonderoga realtor, maybe well see an updated and environmentally-friendly version of the old tar and feather option. Soon village board and planning board meetings will be video taped and run on Channel 17. Theyre a hoot. Tune in. Bob Thierry
Port Henry

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