NFL Picks: Big Blue is back in the Big Dance!

Oh, how sweet it is - Big Blue back in the Big Dance! First, let me apologize to the residents of Holcombville and beyond. Im sure the volume of the shouting was heard for several miles after The New York Football Giants defeated the Packers in overtime Sunday night. I should also apologize to a couple of good friends who were with me witnessing the historic event. I was too caught up in celebrating and fielding congratulatory phone calls to say goodbye. What a game it was, though. Lambeau Field. Frozen Tundra. Brett Favre. Minus 24 degree wind-chill factor. Nobody expecting the Jints to win. Yet Eli handled it all. Big Blue moved the ball on offense, and held tough on defense. And then theres the field goal kicker. To say I was a little disappointed with his performance in the fourth quarter would be a gross understatement. And while Im in apology mode, I guess I should apologize to him for all the things I called him after he missed his second field goal in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. Believe me, I left no expletive out. I mean, the whole blood pressure thing was just getting out of hand. Alas, Tynes redeemed himself in stellar fashion, nailing a 47-yard field goal to win the game. And it must have felt like kicking a cinder block in that weather. If I were Tynes, Id be buying Webster lobster dinners for the rest of my life. Now its on to Arizona for a rematch with the dreaded, cheatin Patsies. Sure, I was pulling for a San Diego upset, but the victory Feb. 3 will be even sweeter when the Giants ruin New Englands hopes for an undefeated season. And the Giants will, indeed, win the game. In football, its all about which teams get hot at the right time, and right now, that team is The New York Football Giants. Once again Im behind, and a certain Managing Editor has been chasing me down all day, so Ill forgo the standings. Thanks to all you Patsies-haters jumping on the Giants bandwagon for your support! GO BIG BLUE!!! Tom Henecker is plant manager at Denton Publications. He can be reached at tom@denpubs.com

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