Denton Publications to aid area businesses in improving Web presence

ELIZABETHTOWN The winds of change are blowing through Denton Publications. Denton Publications, which publishes Tri Lakes Today, has partnered with Kaesu, Inc. to revolutionize the way local advertisers reach their customers. Kaesu operates Cooler Ads, an innovative Web-based marketing system. We see this Cooler Ads program as a very unique approach that allows our customers to have a web presence through their use of our print products that is unprecedented in the region, said Denton Publications President and Publisher Daniel Alexander. Kaesu, which is Japanese for to change, works with community newspapers to transfer traditional print media ads onto the internet. The ad is faithfully reproduced, and converted into a searchable form for the web. Every single ad in our publications goes out online automatically and is fully searchable. We are already seeing our listings and ads coming up in the first page of search engines. For folks whove had no previous online exposure, this is a tremendous leap forward for them, said Alexander. Kaesu Co-owner Joe Nicastro said people running ads in a Denton Publication will get extra exposure online, even if they already have a Web site. In todays competitive market all businesses need some sort of online exposure. Consumers read an ad in the paper then usually try to find the Web site to find out more information. With this system, the ads can be picked up by search engines and consumers can click on the advertisers information and find out more. If the advertiser has a Web site when a consumer clicks on the ad, they can also get to the Web site, said Nicastro. Mr. Alexander said most newspapers and even traditional Web sites try to support their sites by selling banner ads and sponsor links on top of what their customers have already spent with them to be in print. Denton Publications approach to advertising is all-inclusive. Denton Publications held a seminar for its sales and editorial staff last week to teach the group about the new Cooler Ads program. Over 40 staff members attended the information session, and the reaction was enthusiastic. Cyndi Tucker, general manager of Denton Publications northern office, said this is an exciting time for consumers, advertisers and staff. There are many features that will be added in the near future. It's going to take time to build up the program, but in the near future it's going to be a really nice tool for the consumers and advertisers, said Tucker. To use the program, advertisers simply need to have an e-mail address. It's the way of the future. Statistics have shown that within five years, everybody's going to be on-line, said Tucker. In the near future, Denton Publications will hold local training programs to show advertisers how to use the new system and demonstrate the many features available with Cooler Ads. The Cooler Ads program is part of Dentons efforts to increase its Web presence. In the last several months, the company has increased its editorial content available on the Internet, running complete editions of all of its newspapers online. The Web site also features interactive functions for readers to discuss stories and contribute ideas. For more information on the Cooler Ads program, check out the Web site, www.denpubs.com , or speak to a Denton Publications sales representative.

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