Wearing Glasses

Parents have been asking me some eye-opening questions about how to get their child used to the idea of wearing glasses. Let me see if I can clearly provide some information on this topic. If your child has a problem seeing, it usually involves a problem with refraction (or, the bending of light rays), which allows an image to focus on the back of your eye. This results in a child being near-sighted or far-sighted depending on how off the mark the light rays are. In either case, glasses correct the problem by rebending those rays and correcting the refraction problem. Many adults resort to laser surgery rather than glasses to do this, but this is not an option for children, since their eyes are still growing. If you notice your child is having difficulty reading, that he or she sits very close to the TV, blinks or squints a lot, or gets frustrated when working on puzzles or when drawing, your child may have a refractive problem. If so, an eye exam is needed to make the diagnosis, and if a problem is found, a referral to an eye specialist will determine if glasses are needed and the right lens prescription for your childs glasses. Make sure your child has a say in picking out the frames; it will help the transition to wearing glasses go more smoothly. Since most kids are active, plastic lenses are usually the lens of choice. They do scratch, but they dont shatter easily. Dont get anything too fancy, since kids seem to always have a way of breaking their glasses or losing them, particularly at first. If your child is still not happy about wearing glasses, try praising him or her and explaining that the glasses look great. Pointing out that Harry Potter proudly wore his glasses can also be helpful. If parents are not happy, children can sense this, so be positive and upbeat about the whole experience. And, once kids realize how much clearer their vision is, they will begin to enjoy their glasses more and more. Hopefully tips like this will allow you to focus more clearly on what to do if your child needs glasses.

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