State of the state

To the Editor: Having just watched the governors "State of the State" address and the Democrats' response, the coming gridlock in this legislative session will not have the deleterious effect that it may appear to be bringing. This is because most of the damage has already been done in prior sessions. Over time, tax revenues are determined by economic and productivity growth. Most of Vermont's Legislators, while our Governor holds his finger in the dike to temper their tantrums - are like children - in that they will continue to go on kicking and screaming, refusing to accept this reality. Government fiscal responsibility requires not only compassion and a sense of fairness, but also an understanding of personal responsibility and an acceptance of the human sprit's thirst for freedom. But, this is anathema to the collectivists sprit. Without freedoms thirst, this government will continue to produce its demoralized dependents. Environmentalism is important, but not when it's used as a guise to stifle economic growth in a veiled attempt at promoting a cultural ideology that results in the repression of the hopes, aspirations and opportunities of far too many Vermonters. Roughly 0% private-sector job growth in almost a decade isn't the kind of well our citizenry or youth can drink from. The lobbyists and special-interest groups have certainly accomplished their mind-meld on Vermonts culture. The alternative to economic and productivity growth - which is what were currently witnessing - is the diminution of our standard-of-living. This will continue for quite some time, thereupon, a new day will dawn when the voters will have had enough. Freedom and Unityenough of the later, more of the former. November can't come soon enough. Tom Licata

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