New garage protects equipment

BRANT LAKE The crew has been in their new highway garage for about a month, and so far, its all good. Horicon Highway Superintendent Paul Smith said the new building is much bigger than the old one, and provides ample storage space for all equipment that needs to be inside. The guys love it, they have plenty of room to work on the trucks and they can leave the plows attached when they come in, Smith said. With the old garage, the plows had to be removed whenever drivers came in, with minimal heat. Everything is easier to maintain now, Smith said. We can fix trucks quicker now, and everything is under cover instead of outside in a snow bank. The old building is being used for cold storage of items that dont need heat. Harry Balz, who oversaw the project and is helping to work out any minor corrections, said he sees a better attitude among the employees. They have a better facility that was provided by the taxpayers, Balz said. Ive seen better morale in the last weeks here, because now they have a decent work place. He said that the employees are more attentive to their equipment as well. Horicon Supervisor Ralph Bentley said the new building is equipped with a high pressure washing area and a waxing area for town vehicles. This is the first time in my tenure as supervisor that Ive seen our equipment waxed, Bentley said. This saves the highway equipment from deterioration in the weather. He said the town just bought a new tandem container because the previous one had never been washed or waxed and was rusted out. This saves our highway equipment and it will last longer, he said. Another improvement in town are the new lights surrounding the Mill Pond. Bentley said the lights have been a project for the last three or four years, and the Brant Lake Foundation had donated enough money to buy the lights. We used bed tax money for installation, Bentley said. There are 15 of the rustic lights around the pond that come on automatically at dark. Bentley said the old streetlights will be coming down soon.

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