As I often say from time to time in a most whimsical way, Les points de vue et opinions exprimes sont ceux des intervenants et ne representent pas des Valley News et Etats Unis. Which reminds me of my heritage which I so often forget. There now, that ought to make Charley happy. Monday was a most pleasant day, with soft snow falling, like cats footpads, upon people walking about through the sojourning morn. The State of New York has decided to skulk about a determent of how much property should be taken away for the building of a bridge on Route #22 in Whallonsburg. It is quite a deceit to think that we will all be cheerful of the land grab under the guise of widening the bridge approach for the few vehicles rushing through as they rush to catch the ferry, while the State Police rush to catch those rushing through. This affair is not so different than the recent action by one member of the Board of Elections unilaterally changing the voting sites in our town without bothering to talking to more than four people in Essex and none from Whallonsburg. The ills people commit when they wallow in their own little pretentiousness of their self determined importance over a little and finite vale of importance!As Parkinson, an idol of reasonableness, once said, Never give petty people anything to do. They will immediately think the mantle of importance has been placed upon their sloping shoulders. Everyone living in Essex is invited to the annual meeting of the Whallonsburg Civic Assoc. on Jan. 16 which will be held at the Grange Hall. This will be the first January event at the Grange Hall to be followed by the Jan. 25 Square Dance. Many apologies due for the wrong date on Muriel Loders Memorial service. A senior moment. Supervisor Ron Jackson has been elected as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Volunteers have been found to repair the damage to the Towns Lake and Land exhibit. Last and least, is the annual taking down of Christmas decorations. As to when the holiday taking down occurring, one doesnt know or care.

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