Thoughts on the primaries

Listening to the promises made by the presidential candidates, most overstep presidential powers and violate the Constitution. Tax law belongs to the U.S. House as does all money bills. Susurrations to the contrary, the president isnt a king which makes the MSM anointments a futility in progress. On Clinton: Rush Limbaugh said Iwoa was the worst night for Hillary since Bills second term. Not even close, the election of Nixon crushed her ideals. In Iowa, this Alinsky drones pyloric valve seized in the open position, showing her true color. You will never hear her expound upon her vision for the U.S. With Clinton, just as Yoda said to Luke, With you, its change, always change. Her idea of change, which amounts to abolishing the Constitution, doesnt sound good on the hustings. Afterwards, the loud noise heard offscreen was a Baby Boomer exploding. On Edwards: He wants to make your life better, but not quite the way he made his life better. An envious man, he wishes to have more money than the collective you. To accomplish this end, everything will be free on his watch. Wait till you see what that costs. You will be verrucose in short order, waiting in line for universal medical relief. Then again, it would be kinder if he merely sued you. Under current tort laws, at least you keep your dignity. On Obama: Same droning sounds as from Silky. Different words used. Obama likes the word hope. We have hope. Hope we can make changes. Change is good for it gives us hope. He has no idea how the real world works. That will never prevent him from lurching into the breech. To give us hope for change, hopefully. On Huckabee: Having prodded GOP caucus goers with his RINO (Republican In Name Only) horn to get what he wanted, let us see how he dolls up the message for low denomination voters. I do not believe many Granite State voters place hands on the T.V. Anyway, Huckabee called the New Hampshire primary the Big Camp Meetingcan I get an amen? On Romney: Many questions need be asked of the Mitt. Does the U.S. deserve the type of government foisted on Massachusetts inmates? Do we need a Big Dig in every state? Why is the working population of Massachusetts shrinking? Why isnt the illegal immigration population shrinking? More to the point, which Mitt is running for office? On McCain: He is in the wrong party. That speaks to his good points. There isnt room for the dark side. On Paul: Collaborating with the Donk moonbat Kucinich, both are investigating the appearance of illegal aliens at Groom Lake aka Area 51, instead of along the border and in meat packing plants. Art Bell is chairman of this primary of two. On Thompson: Not running hard while running, this makes one wonder wassup? If he keeps dissing the lamestream media, he may become the front-runner rather quickly. More of a Washingtonian politician (person, not place) he says it is about duty not desire. Well see if this reaches fruition. On the usual perennial weeds: After signing up for campaign matching funds, they cash the check then spend a minimal amount on electioneering and pocket the rest. This is a common trope for most politicians, usually seen as a groveling for power and reelection, and by the older politicians, sex in strange places and with alien DNA types. Their attendance is for obfuscating purposes only, this heterophony helps shield the front-runners from real questions. Ed Mann

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