Proud to lead Moriah community

To the Editor: As we enter the year 2008, I am proud to state that I have the privilege to be serving as Moriahs town supervisor on its 200th birthday. The town of Moriah is very unique in many ways. Our community was founded based on the iron industry and was one of the melting pots of the northeast. We have four hamlets and also a village within out township Moriah, Moriah Center, Mineville, Witherbee and the village of Port Henry. Each hamlet has its own history and each has played a significant role throughout our history. Our community has played an important role during this great nations history, from our many military volunteers that fought and died for our freedom to a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, to many notable individuals in many different walks of life. I can remember years ago when the Postal Service wanted to consolidate post offices. Although they did consolidate Mineville and Witherbee into one location, the population from both hamlets and the elected officials at the time let it be known that we would fight to retain both zip codes, and we were successful. The town of Moriah is a community that rallies for a cause or purpose to help one another. I have seen this many times during my lifetime and during my 17 years in office. When a neighbor is in need, be it a family members illness or just hard times, we as a community always pull together to help one another! We have been blessed with generations of volunteers to serve our fire departments and ambulance squad. These individuals serve our community unselfishly to protect our lives and property. We should be thankful for these people, for without them our communities could not afford this protection. Our community has many that not only volunteer their time for different causes, but also give to out much-needed food pantry. The volunteers who oversee this cause are a blessing for many residents that may fall on hard times and need this helping hand. Our community is also very fortunate to have the employees that serve our constituents on a daily basis. I know all our employees personally and I can assure you that they give 100 percent back to our town on a daily basis. In these times of escalating costs to operate government, sometimes we (including myself) forget that the people that provide the many services that we depend on are also members of our town and have chosen to live and work here and also have families that depend on them as wage earners. Just think for moment where we would be if the town highway, water and sewer, transfer station, health center, justice court, police department, town offices, street lighting just to name a few services were to not exist. For 2008, I as town supervisor will not only recognize the problems that we have, but will also focus on the many positives that we also have in this community. I am proud to say that I come from the town of Moriah and am proud to once again have the honor to serve as your supervisor. Lets work together to make Moriah, our home, better for the next generations that I am confident will also choose to make this their home as we have. Tom Scozzafava
Supervisor, Moriah

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