Councilman disputes editorial in local daily

To the editor: So, once again the old Otis Bridge in New Russia is back in the news and an honest, from the heart assessment from Supervisor Scozzafava results in a roasting by the Press-Republicans Viewpoint. This occurring in the Jan. 6, edition as the P-R labels the old Otis Bridge a Bridge to Nowhere. The P-R, of course, is attempting to create news, rather than reporting it and equating the old Otis Bridge to Alaskas Bridge to Nowhere is sure to prompt a response. All newspapers do it these days and as long as most readers understand this, perhaps there is no harm in this method. The P-R will remind us that the Viewpoint is an editorial piece, not a journalistic piece and since its an opinion, they can write what they wish. While this is probably true, a piece in a newspaper, no matter what you call it, probably influences readers. The Viewpoint piece suggests that a public outcry might end this plan to replace this Bridge to Nowhere and that fixing the bridge might be enough. I would welcome the day that the P-R, be it an editorial or a journalistic report, dig into the cost of repairing this bridge that is 90 years old. The opposition to the bridge replacement would have you believe that a repair could be done for as little as $200,000. They pretend to have an engineer report stating such. This report is actually a letter of appeal to the Essex County Dept. of Public Works from an engineer. The engineer qualifies his assessment by stating based on my limited observations and Without performing significant analyses, I estimate that the cost to replace the floor system so that it can support at least as much load as the trusses would be less than $200,000. Well, if one had limited observations and didnt do significant analyses, how could one know what the cost would be? And, of course we still have the unanswered question of, how much load will the trusses support and for how long. The County could spend $ 200,000. to replace the floor system and end up with the side trusses still only allowing for a 3 ton load, which could be condemned by the State in a few years. How many taxpayers would be happy with that result? As important, would the P-R step up and take the blame for influencing events, or would they roast the Essex County Board of Supervisors again? Im assuming the P-R hasnt put away their BBQ fork yet Ken Fenimore, Councilman

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