Care about politics

To the Editor: 'I dont care about his politics, Tom Scozzafava said of Chavez All I know is that this program can help people who need help. (Times of of Ti, Heating help available, Jan. 12) That is a very disheartening statement from an elected member of a democratic government. In the article, President Hugo Chavez is correctly described as an avowedly anti-American leader. In a country where so many have sacrificed, suffered and died for freedom, to be indebted to a tyrant who is busy getting himself appointed for life, who has rescinded many of the human rights that we enjoy in this country, and who mocks and threatens us as a people, seems pretty short sighted. I guess the price of principles is approximately $400 this year. That is the value of the oil Mr. Chavez offers. I would rather chop wood, add insulation, close off rooms, move in with family for the winter, or move south, than pretend there is no problem with Mr. Chavezs politics. People also need to realize that the price of oil is only going to keep going up. Maybe its a good time to practice some belt tightening (all of us!) to prevent us all from ending up over a barrel and selling out the the Chavezes of the world. Until youve exhausted all other possibilities (ie cut the cable TV, the satellite dish, four wheelers, snowmobiles, beer, meals out, turn down the thermostat, drive less and so forth) I think its a shame to take oil from a dictator who abuses his own people and who would happily destroy us. I have more sympathy for innocent Venezuelan victims of Chavezs politics than for sacrifice at home. I do care about his politics and I hope someday others will too. Dorothy McDevitt Bean
Schroon Lake

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