Twins together in and out of school

WARRENSBURG Io Bruce remembers about 15 years ago, when she learned she was pregnant. My husband said, wouldnt it be great if we have twins? she said. I thought, well, its my body here, but I said if we have twins, I hope its a boy and a girl. About nine months later, Christian and Cassandra Bruce were born. By that time, Bruce knew she was having twins, but not the genders. Most people think twins run in the family of either parent, she said. If its identical twins, its just a fluke, an egg that split. Her twins are fraternal, and Bruce said that means she became pregnant twice in the same month. The doctors thought they might be two weeks apart, she said. Now, as teenagers, Christian and Cassandra are sophomores at Warrensburg Junior/Senior High School, and take just about every class together. Its kind of fun to have somebody with you when you do stuff, Christian said. We study together, and go to the gym together. Both are training to become instructors at Tropical Fitness in Queensbury, starting with the BodyStep class. The twins are together most of the time, and even have the same best friend, their neighbor, Drew Lamy. They think alike, and sometimes one will say something that the other had just thought of. We fight a little, but we mostly enjoy each other, Christian said. Im a little more outgoing than she is. Shes more reserved, so I speak for her. Shed be lost without me, he quipped. Both parents teach at the junior/senior high school, so they usually ride to school together in two cars. Io said she thinks the twins communicate better than some siblings shes observed. She said her own childhood was spent moving from state to state and even overseas. I moved 10 times by 10th grade, she said. I wanted them to have one home in one town and have that sense of permanency. Christian is a writer and reader and would like to become a US history or English teacher. Cassandra, on the other hand, is a math and science person, and is thinking about going into math or optometry. School officials wanted to split the twins up when they started school, but it soon became clear that it wasnt the best scenario. It was tortuous, Io said. Theyd have to send one or the other down the hall for a hug. In first grade, Io said she put small packets of tissues in their pencil boxes. I remember Christian telling Cassandra that if she had to cry, she could use the tissues, she said. It was amazing. By second grade, the twins were put into the same class, and continue to follow similar schedules today. Both play the saxophone, after trying the clarinet and not caring for it. The only thing we do different now is Im in the jazz band, Christian said. They both volunteer during summer school, and during the school year, they are both in SADD, JSA and the new school newspaper.

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