Town clerk remembers 26 years in office

THURMAN In 26 years, she has gone into labor during a town board meeting, had pneumonia twice and has helped untold numbers of hunters get their licenses. Nancy Beadnell has left office as of Jan. 1 after serving 26 years as Thurman town clerk. I remember sitting there, waiting for the board to start the meeting, Beadnell said. Ed Baker was the supervisor, and he said the meeting would be very quick because he didnt know how to deliver a baby. It was 1984, and she had begun labor and gave birth to her youngest son, Jarod, the next morning. Beadnell has served under three supervisors, including Baker, the short term of Spencer LaFlure and current Supervisor John Haskell. Each supervisor has his own ideas about how things should go, she said. Some think its important for me to attend every single meeting, and some dont. She was relieved when Haskell decided she didnt have to go to every fiscal meeting, just the town board meetings. That was a relief because it makes for a long day and a long evening. Beadnell circulated her petition every two years until this year, when she decided to step down. I did it for the people, we got along so well, Beadnell said. They depend on me and hold me in high regard, and I like to help them out. She said shes always gone the extra mile for the people of Thurman, whether it is looking up birth, death or marriage certificates, or finding a certificate so a hunter doesnt have to take another course to qualify for a license. I dig that up for them, because I know they dont want to take the course again, she said. It was her kindness and willingness to help that led to one situation that was frightening. I was stalked, she said. He came to my home to ask about a hunting license but I knew thats not what he really wanted. She said she didnt tell anyone, since she knew the mans family and didnt want to hurt them. I hid my car in the garage, and hed park across the street from the house, she said. He came to town board meetings and just stared at me. Eventually, it all stopped, much to her relief. That almost made me afraid to be so nice to people, she said. I hope people dont read me wrong; a lot of men come to my office for licenses, and it took me awhile to get over that. Over the years, Beadnell has seen her share of sickness and loss. During Bakers term, his wife was his secretary, and when they went on vacation, Beadnell took over her job. One Saturday, I had to go into the office for someone and I was awful sick, she said. I barely remember anything that day, I was so sick. She ended up in the emergency room on a bed of ice with severe pneumonia I was pregnant with Jarod then too, and we almost didnt make it, she said. Sometimes I think I want to do everything myself to help people to a fault. She has also lost most of her family over the years, and found her own mother dead in her chair on her birthday. I fell apart, she said. I made it my job to take care of her, she lived alone and was in her 80s. Her father had died previously, and she also lost her brothers, aunts and a cousin over the years. This job has helped me through, she said. I want the people to know what they mean to me, theyve gotten me through some rough days. Things began getting more difficult at the job recently, and Beadnell made the decision to move on. Im sensitive and there is just too much going on, she said. Ive had a couple of warning signs with my health and my family told me it was time to go. I have to prioritize, m y family has to come first. Cynthia Hyde is the new town clerk, and Beadnell isnt 100 percent sure what is in store for her. Her daughter Teresa just had a son in November and she has agreed to babysit, and she has also been asked to work on the books for the Glen Hudson Campground. Beadnell was looking forward to visiting with her new grandson Colton, and her grandson Brandon, 4, who was visiting with her son Luke over the holidays.

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