Shady Tom Brady?

If youre going out with a hot underwear model, and women you do and women you dont know give you a ration of BS because they dont like underwear models, all you need to say in response to their blabbing is, Hey Tom Brady. If you have a drop dead gorgeous talented famous actress girlfriend, and you plant some seed into her apparatus then dump her for a different drop dead gorgeous talented successful business women, who happens to be an underwear model (Gisele is pronounced with a hard G), and other women you do and dont know give you a ration of BS because they dont like guys who dump women whore pregnant for prettier underwear models whore more clever and successful then they are, all you need to say in response to their blabbing is, Hey Tom Brady. Women love Tom Brady so much that they dont care about the smudgy things hes done, like having a kid with a gal hes not with, and not being with said kid on a regular basis for the next five or six years (Statistics say kids have the best chance if the family 1. Stays intact 2. Eats meals together), and like playing a game full of men whore full of the same drugs they say Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were on, and playing on a team that was caught cheating. I doubt Tom cheats or does the juice, but hear no evil see no evil doesnt necessarily absolve one of evil. Tom can wear real-fur lined full-length leather coats and bop from sexy gal to sexy gal, and hes still, My Tommy. I so much as wink at a young honey who has a tiny strip of pink underwear riding above her jeans and Im Larry Flynt. Mind you, I think Tom Brady is cool as hang. I judge not what he does off the field, and the fact is, I dont judge what he does on the field. Its simple to see from watching or listening to him on television that hes wicked smart, nice, talented and hard working. If they dont win the Stuper Bowl this year, Id be first in line to congratulate him and his fellow players on an unbelievable season, a season that for some of the players has taken a lifetime of hard work to achieve. If Tom Brady walked into a store I was in, Id get that strange pang one gets when a celebrity is near. If Tom Brady calls me and asks if I might come over to his house and teach him the best ways to drive on ice, Ill be right there. So all that to say Im not judging Tom Brady, instead Im wanting to say, Hey Tom Brady thanks for getting us guys off the hook, because youre just a normal guy making normal guy mistakes which are brought on by a normal guy desire to chill with hot as hell women, and because its okay for you to act on your desire, its at least okay for me to tell anyone who has a problem with me wanting to act on my desire, Hey, Tom Brady. If youre a kid my advise is to get really good at a sport (Not ski racing, Americans dont care a squat about ski racing even though ski racers have proven to be far and above the best overall athletes out there), and groom yourself into as good of a looking person you can, because in America good looking sport people usually, short of killing dogs, get a free pass on doing dinkish stuff.

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