Mt. Abe restructuring

To the Editor: The Mt. Abe school board is considering yet another staff restructuring. I dont understand how it can evaluate and hold any employee accountable if board members are continually changing their job description and responsibilities. Perhaps the crux of this latest plan of the board is to avoid accountability altogether. The new plan is to push downward many of the principals responsibilities to the teacher team leaders. For expediency and accuracy, I have always believed that decisions should be made at the lowest possible level. Historically middle management has been an expensive and cumbersome luxury. For those reasons giving the team leaders full autonomy makes good sense. Obviously the team leaders should be compensated for the added responsibility they are being asked to assume. Because these responsibilities are no longer in the domain of the principal it naturally follows that the funding for the principals office should be reduced by an amount greater than the total increase in team leader pay. This can be accomplished by either a reduction in FTE or the elimination of positions. Assuming the board will follow through with all the obligatory changes, this latest restructuring concept offers up a great opportunity to save time and tax dollars and makes the plan definitely worth deliberation. R. E. Merrill

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