My New Years resolutions: 1 .Never say anything thats not serious; 2. do not mention concerned citizens again; 3. do not mix up colons and semi-colons again. 4. No more mentions of the DNC; 5. No more mentions of people; 6. No more long words such as lemniscuses; no more motoring news; and: no more resolutions. Rev. Hunn hospitalized with dreaded whowhatis but is now resting comfortably. Does anyone know how to pronounce comfortably except nurses? Hopefully he should get out of CVPH before this goes to press. Incidentally did you know more people get sick at CVPH than anywhere else? Frank Walls took Peggy Hunn to P-burg and is planning a bus tour, piloted by a professional driver in a luxurious bus, to visit Johns room. Lee Ackley substituted for Mr. Hunn at church, so dont worry John your job is safe. Barbara Hoffman getting so much better that family showed up this weekend for dinner. Whallonsburg MacDougals tried out their tire chains on their four wheeler by putting my snow plow under ten feet of snow. Katherine Cross held her 60th Xmas Eve family dinner in which hardly anyone there was under 60. Wait a minute, thats not exactly right; out of the 28, six were under 60 not including Santa. Oh, the Looby family used motive power to get to the Rossi family, 440 yards away, passing, along the way, several other families whose names escape me. Next year, the Methodist church is going to use choral, dance, drama, story recitatives, and guest soloists to celebrate Christmas Eve service. Hopefully they wont take up a collection. DNC met and voted 0 to 0 to support Ron Paul for President. Tied for second were AbuBenAda & Ivanskivetskysavar. I was told, by one of Willsboros concerned citizens (please note that the concerned citizen is not from Essex, so I didnt break that New Years resolution) that the Smith House may have to start a fund to get the Smith House in Willsboro Plowed Out Fund. I bet we could get the Essex Hiway road crew, the best at their job in the North Country, to extend their plowing. Maybe then Smith House could get the shoveling out parking lot task lifted from their doctors recruitment job description. And now for something completely different. Square dances are starting up again at the Whallonsburg Grange Hall the last Saturday of every month beginning on January 26, 2008. Gary Finney will be the caller and his Upstate Boys will provide the cacophony. Dances are supported, in part, by an Arts Council grant. First dance will be $5.00 per couple and $5.00 for a single. DUH, sooo get a date

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