Christmas spirit lacking

To the Editor: This letter is to the person who stole my 17-year-old daughters money. Twas the night before Christmas and you knew we werent home, you have done it before, so why not do it again? Apparently you have no conscience, or you just dont care. but I will tell you one thing, you knew that Christmas eve was her birthday. so why, I ask. would you do that? Part of the money you stole was her birthday money. You know she works for the rest of her money. She is a junior saving money for college and trying to keep gas in her car, her parents arent rich ya know.....you stole $119. I would like to applaud you for at least leaving her the $65. She was devastated to say the least. We went through garbage looking for the money thinking she threw it away with old receipts. nope... wasn't found. I dont know how you can live with yourself, stealing from a kid. stealing from anyone is bad enough, but stealing from a kid is worse. Especially on her birthday and before Christmas. I doubt that you will ever admit to it: no, I know you wont. I would just like to thank you for ruining my daughters 17th birthday and her Christmas. Ya know, if your conscience gets the better of you, and you feel like returning what wasnt yours, no questions would be asked. Remember, she is a 17-year-old. Someone has to be the adult. Slide the money back in just like ya took it. I dont have the money to give her, I spent mine on her and her siblings Christmas. It is too bad that you couldnt see the tears or hear her cry, when she found out her money was gone. I lived it, i am her mother. I promise you, somehow, I will get you for messing with my kid. Messing with me is one thing, but my kid is another story. She will be waiting for her money. Maybe you didnt go to college, but she wants to. Gail Waldron
Port Henry

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