Obama has a proven track record

To the Editor: On March 4, Vermonters can make a difference in the selection of our next President. With the GOP primary all but decided, the Democratic race is up for grabs and presents a clear choice. As our primary is open, I urge everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to request a Democratic ballot and make a choice from the two candidates below. There is Hillary Clinton, who touts her experience. Perhaps self-proclaimed experience is not enough. What about voting for the war in Iraq and authorizing another folly in Iran? What about a rehash of a mandated health care plan that went nowhere in the 90s? How do you enforce the mandate? Wage garnishees, property liens, denial of service? Dont we deserve to know? Then there is Barack Obama, with a proven track record of reaching across party lines both in the Illinois and U.S. Senates. In Illinois, he co-sponsored campaign reform, health care and a lot more that improved the lives of millions. Since joining the U.S. Senate, he has been active, along with GOP Senator Dick Lugar in extending an agreement to enable Russia to dismantle nuclear weapons, for example. He opposed the Iraq war and further possible folly in Iran? His proposal for health insurance at affordable cost with no mandate can pass the Congress and be signed into law. For specific information and his policy proposals, please go to http://www.barackobama.com/issues/ under Blueprint for Change. Weve had record turnouts for the Democratic primary even in Red States, which he has won by double digit margins. Change is impossible without a clear mandate. Senator Obama has proven he can get that mandate from ALL Americans. Our next President must transcend past issues of gender, race, political party and so much more We dont need a President of White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native, Male or Female America. We need a President of the UNITED States of America. Please join me on March 4 and vote for Barack Obama. He can be that President. Respectfully,
Joseph W. Mathews
Manchester, Vermont

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