What a waste of time

Hey Mr. Welch, next time theres a hearing thats totally full of bull, like the one with Roger Clemens the other day, I saw you sitting at it on television, if possible, please bid off it, because Id rather see you working on important stuff. Thank you very much. Did you watch any of the session with Roger Clemens and cripes I forget the other dudes name umm, itll come to me, did you watch it? I saw a good bit of it. What a gol darn ridiculous bunch of sashaying time wasting falderal, huh? Do you care if MacNamme, thats his name, if MacNamme shot Rog up with HGH, or B-12, or any other dang thing? I dont. I also dont care if Roger is lying. I dont care if both of them are lying and I dont care if Rogers ole lady took a bit of the juice for the purpose of appearing tighter in a Sports Illustrated photo spread either, and I dont care if Roger now is or isnt eligible for the Hall of Fame. I dont care about any of that and whats more, I dont think anymore time than what it takes a backyard mechanic to change the oil on a push mower should be spent delving into it, especially if the Congressman dudes and dudettes delving into it all are being paid by you and I. Dont they have better things to do, like finding Bin Laden, or grabbing onto the war and getting it into better control, or stopping it, as they all say they would so like to do? Lets say young Rog did ask to be shot with roids, say he did. So what? Why do you or I care? Did it help him strike out more guys and win more games? (If he did maybe every guy he struck out was also on roids and every guy who got a hit off him wasnt on roids, so maybe the hub-bub is all for naught) Maybe yes, but if so, so what? Theyre games man, ball games, guys playing ball, he wins they lose, he loses they win. Does any of that ball game stuff matter when it comes to us getting to work on time and doing our job right to get paid so we can pay rent and pay the cost of food and the cost our kids sneaks? No. Its sport. Let me look up sport. 1. An often competitive athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess 2. diversion; recreation 3. jest; pleasantry 4. Activity to be taken serious only to a point (I made up number 4) So you Capitol Hill cronies, bug off the Roger roid case would ya? Get doing some important stuff, please, like hell, for months I havent heard a peep about global warming, not since Barack and Hilary and John and Mike and Roger and MacNamee have taken over the news. Must be were out of the global warming woods and all fruzz up again, no more need to worry huh Cap Hill guys? Sure if youre a Cap Hill person and youre reading this (hard to believe youd have the time cause youre so busy with work and all and making good on your salaries which by the way I still havent heard how much we pay you, but I think its into six figures and even if you serve only one term you get a pension that a License Nurse Assistant would kill for), youd want to make sure I and the readers know that you are still at work on other important stuff every day, and I say Im sure you are, but one minute wasted on a scapegoat for Major League Baseball trying to look like they werent asleep on the job, is one minute too many taken away from honest law making and so many other good deeds you do. But thats just my opinion, yup, little ole me who has actually taken steroids. A terrifically swollen throat brought my doctor, who knew I had shows to perform a few days away, to suggest I take some roids to help bring down the swelling so I could go out and perform and not let ticket buyers down. He told me it was my decision and after he answered no to me asking if the roids would shrink anything hanging off me to a raisin, I said sure, Ill take em. Of course I had a prescription, which made it legal, but I still took roids so I could perform better. Easy for me to see how high amp entertainment and sport people could get caught up with taking enhancers. I just feel we look idiotic when our smartest voted in folks are sitting all upright and combed, trying to decipher notes their aids tirelessly prepared for them, attacking one or the other of the guys being questioned, in a fancy law looking room in our greatest law making building in our nations capitol. To me, and Im not smart, every main player in the room that day looked silly. You know what, the more I write the more it makes me think how none of us laymen and laywomen have any idea whats going on with this case. We dont know what Major League Baseball knew or now knows or what the Mitchell Report says or whos in bed with whom, and why they trudged these guys in front of the world, and which drug company gave which lawyer Senators campaign money, and oh boy how clueless do I feel? Very. I understand Major League Baseball was well aware players were pinning themselves with boasters and that they in fact felt it a boon to tickets sales because the stronger, long lasting the players became the faster and further the balls would be flung and flogged. I understand now theyre trying to cover their tracks (pun intended). I understand Capital Hill needs to look strident in their wish to keep high profile organizations on the up and up and they also just like being on television who doesnt? I understand Rog and MacNamee want to cover their butts, Rog wants to if not fortify than at least save his legacy, and MacNamme wants to come out of it at the very least, hirable. I understand theyre all a bunch of butt coverers at this point. Theyre all trying to cover the mess theyve allowed, for the soul purpose of sticking a perpetual sparkle on their hero legacies. The Congressman want to end up in the Hill of fame, Roger wants to end up in the Hall of Fame, and all the while Im thinking about my friend laying ill in the hospital with an expiration date having been tagged on her charts, and how she walked to town to work for 50 years and probably never thought about her legacy. February, 18th 2008
Dear Roger,
You know if you took steroids, and if you did, you know how much they affected your performance. It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. When youre lying in bed at the very, very end, I dont believe youll be thinking about Cy Young awards, youll be thinking about your family and how you wish you could live longer. None of the awards and crap matter. RD *Right about now dont you wish you had played the French Horn instead of baseball?

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