Upgrades for the town of Peru

Peru moves forward in regards to purchasing, under state contract, a Windows program, after using a DOS system for nearly 20 years. This new system will give all departments an improved program to better manage our town funds. In a 3-2 vote, councilmen Powers and McDonald voted with the supervisor to make the move, which I have worked toward purchasing since taking office. Since the mid-1990s, our old system had developed many glitches and lock-ups that have hindered the town from producing the financial information needed to bring Peru, its personnel and board to operate efficiently. As supervisor, I have realized the time lost on reentry of data on a weekly basis. The boards approval now gives us the program necessary to move forward and attain the management tools necessary for both the board and our departments. Still under consideration will be to purchase a program to download our meter reading, which will save us labor costs by eliminating manual entry at the meter and into the computer for billing. The cost of the program is approximately $6,000, and will give us the ability to read approximately half our meters now in homes and businesses. In 2009 and 2010, we should continue to update the balance of our old meters, which Greg and his team in water and sewer have been doing as units fail. The board successes in 2006 and 2007 should be recognized and appreciated by all of us. Working with the state controllers office has helped us create a better checks and balance system. Although there is still much to do, we all see the need for these changes in how our town government functions. Department heads continue to sign bills as before, but now assign account numbers and manage their expenses. Robby Timmon, highway superintendent, and Greg Timmon, water and sewer plant operator, have been leaders to this approach, which has been previously done by the supervisor secretary. With all department heads in general assuming the same management duties in 2007, we will be better positioned to evaluate accounts at budget time. Overspending of a line item will have to be pre-approved by the board and a department head will need to address to the board which other line item the money will come from before it is spent, instead of after the fact. We have progressed will and I believe in 2008 these moves will help board members better address budget issues. As supervisor, I cannot be more proud of everyone for their understanding and support of these goals especially for making it happen. I would like to commend Councilman Tom Powers for his labor-intensive review of the bills and his work on our new computer programs, not to mention his leadership on leading the board with changes to our town medical insurance. With my requests before taking office for an audit and the support of the board, the state controllers office has helped to create proper procedures for Peru. With new job requirements by employees, my secretary, Randa Buompensiero, and the receptionist, Judy Akey, have worked to meet both the supervisor and boards goals. With all civil service designations accomplished and our new procedures in place, it will now allow us to manage our town finances more professionally. It will allow us, as a team, to better represent the taxpayers of Peru. Thank you always for allowing us to better serve you.

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