Health Myths

Recently I have received a lot of questions on whether or not something is fact or fiction when it comes to dealing with your childs health. So this week let me tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, about several health myths. For example, many parents believe that if you go outside with wet hair youll catch a cold. Cold weather and wet hair do not cause colds you catch colds from viruses which are spread more easily indoors, which is where your children and their friends with colds tend to be when its cold outside. This makes it easier to pass germs from one to another. What about food rumors will chocolate cause acne and caffeinated beverages stunt your childs growth? Neither is true! No food has been proven to cause acne but overactive oil glands in the skin stimulated by your overactive teenagers overactive hormones can cause acne. Excess caffeine will not stunt growth but will prevent the absorption of calcium and other nutrients in your childs diet and thus should be avoided, not to mention that it may rev up your childs level of activity and stimulation. Another food rumor is that spicy foods will cause ulcers in your child. Actually, ulcers may be aggravated by spicy foods, but are not caused by them. Ulcers are usually caused by a bacterial infection in the stomach, or possibly by overuse of pain medications such as ibuprofen that can irritate the lining of the stomach causing the inflammation that can lead to an ulcer. Finally, what about that rumor that if you cross your eyes, theyll stay that way. This is also untrue. If eyes appear crossed and stay that way, the condition is called strabismus. This condition is due to weakening of some of your childs eye muscles, and is not due to your child doing this consciously to irritate you or others, in which case the crossed eyes will not stay that way. Hopefully, tips like these will allow you and, in turn, others to not myth out when it comes to knowing what is myth and what is the truth if you really want to understand more about your childrens health.

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