On Thursday, Feb. 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Essex Methodist Church, the Beldon Noble Library will host local author, Kristen Kimball discussing her work-in-progress, The Dirty Life. This book will be published later this year and will "tell all" about life at Essex Farms. We are all proud of Scott Tarts graduation from the State Police Academy this week. Scott is the son of Philip Tart, our town photographer and long time resident. On Feb. 23, the Grange will hold its monthly square dance and on the Feb. 29 and March 1, the popular reading., Vagina Monologues, will be held at the Grange both starting at 7:30 p.m. I understand that the Baileys are training white turtle doves as homing doves which can be used at weddings. Now I suddenly realized another business opportunity. I am planning on raising white rats to be homing rats which can be released at weddings to clean up food messes. If I can figure out how to put cute little dresses on the females and tuxes on the males, I think I have a winner. I want to acknowledge the virtuosity and perseverance of our town crew and their plowing. By chasing me up my driveway they inadvertently ended up clearing a part of my driveway, lawn, front porch, and swing set. Thought I would mention this up front before any concerned citizens started to complain about rampant partiality. The DNC wants to deny the story floating about Essex which claims that George Bush is the least intelligent President this country has ever had. I dont think so. I am sure that a Google search will bring up a challenger, even if the search goes back to the Articles of Confederation. The DNC also does not believe Obama was born in a manger while a satellite led wise men to his birth place. It seems though that Obama believes it. Is it true that Bill Clinton has been hired by Obama to campaign for Hillary?

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