Diving into the past reveals the future

My first real relationship with a girl occurred when I was in eleventh grade. Up until then, girlfriends had been of the note-passing type. All that changed in the fall of my junior year when I met Amy. Amy was a tenth grader who had previously gone unnoticed by most of the boys at school. She was a relatively quiet girl who, over the prior summer, had starting hanging around with a new group of young ladies. These girls ushered her into the mainstream by the use of a little make-up and some stylish clothing. She had blossomed and people were starting to take notice. Luckily for me, I got to her before anyone else and we soon became an item. We walked home from school, went to the movies, and talked on the phone incessantly. Amy and I became fairly attached, much to the chagrin of our parents. It was your classic high school relationship. And then I got stupid. Near the end of the school year another girl caught my eye and I decided that Amy and I were over. She was devastated, but I had an innate desire to pursue this other young woman. This other girl was boisterous and sexy and commanded attention wherever she went. However, I realized within a couple days that this new conquest was all image and no substance and decided to gallantly return to Amy. Unfortunately, in the days following our divorce, a senior football lineman had swooped in and taken my place. Now I was devastated. I spent the entire summer trying to win back Amys affection and undermine her new boyfriend. I told her about his sketchy past and his notorious criminal background (almost all of which was fabricated). Nothing was held sacred in my quest to return to Amy. I would stop at nothing to win the greatest battle of my young life. And in the waning days of summer vacation, victory became mine. Once reunited, I ascended into the heavens of happiness. All the letters and late night phone calls begging her to forgive me had worked. Where once I would never hold hands publicly, I know strutted about with ostentatious pride. And then the hammer fell. On a brisk fall evening Amy asked to speak with me. As we sat on my parents front porch, she made an announcement that would change my life: she was moving. It was like someone took a knife, thrust it into my stomach, and turned it repeatedly until all my insides were mush. Less than a month later she was gone. Apart from a smattering of letters, Ive never heard from her again. Luckily for me, I found another girlfriend and life moved on. After a few less dramatic relationships, I eventually met the woman who would become my wife. I guess you could say that everything happens for a reason, that todays tragedies will somehow unveil tomorrows blessings. In this weeks feature, Definitely, Maybe, this same scenario is played out in a grand theatrical fashion. Definitely, Maybe is the story of a young girl who is dealing with the impending divorce of her parents. While speaking with her father one night she inquires about how he and her mother had met. This question launches the film into the past where the fathers storied dating history is unveiled. Romantic comedies generally are either really good or really bad. Last weeks feature, Fools Gold, would fall solidly into the latter category. It had a weak storyline, suspect acting, and an annoying amount of gratuitous flesh. Definitely, Maybe, on the other hand, was written with a fresh hand, enjoyed several solid portrayals, and did little to annoy or alienate the viewer. Moreover, leading man Ryan Reynolds, who could easily be the American version of Hugh Grant, kept the story rolling without one shot of his abdomen. If your a fan of the romantic comedy and are feeling slighted by last weeks offering, then I highly suggest you give Definitely, Maybe a try. Its fresh, upbeat, and full of alluring comedic moments. A lively B for Definitely, Maybe.

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Video Pick Of The Week
Waking Ned Devine Heres a solid comedy that will appeal to a broad range of viewers. Set in the backcountry of Ireland, Waking Ned Devine is the story of a small community of farmers and laborers who become obsessed with the lottery when one of the towns inhabitants wins several million dollars. Unfortunately the person in question is unable to collect. With so much money on the line, the community begins to plot schemes that will bring the winnings home. This is a wonderfully upbeat and humorous film that is peppered with quirky comedic moments. If you enjoy the occasional European comedy then give this film a try. While it wont have you falling out of your chair laughing, it will amuse you from beginning to end

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