You don't need Valentine's Day to spread the love

You dont have to have an occasion to bring some flowers home but sometimes an event like Valentines Day or a sunny day will help inspire you to spread a little cheer. The little flowering plants available right now make a very nice gift. They provide a spot of color that should last longer than a vase of cut flowers. Some will live for years as houseplants while others can be tossed out when faded. Primroses are an excellent example. They come in all sorts of colors and thrive in chilly temperatures; a windowsill is a perfect location indoors. I buy these every year and they usually continue to produce new flowers for several weeks. The leaves droop dramatically when the soil dries out and you may think youve lost the plant but they quickly perk up when watered. Some people have even had luck planting these primroses in their perennial gardens in May. Miniature mum (chrysanthemum) plants are available now, too. Enjoy them as long as they look nice, then toss them in the compost pile once they fade. It will be next to impossible to grow these on as houseplants. Theyre still worth buying for the shot of color they provide. Rieger begonias are beautiful. They have thick, juicy leaves and large, showy blossoms. Theyre a little tricky to grow as houseplants but they should provide a nice show for a while at least. I havent seen mini rose plants yet but they should be appearing any time now. Give them as much light as possible and be careful to not keep them too soggy. You can set these plants in your garden in late May and they may very well survive just fine. No guarantees on that, consider it a bonus if they thrive. Cut Flowers
You cant go wrong with a bunch of flowers. Spend the big bucks on your true love but just a few dollars will buy you enough to make your friends or family happy. Some people feel burdened by receiving a plant; theyre so afraid theyre going to kill it and feel guilty when they do. For these people a small bouquet is just the thing. You dont have to spend lots of money on a fancy arrangement. If you buy some of the bundles of flowers you can easily make your own mini bouquets to give out.

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