Wake up people!

To the editor: Did you know that only 8 percent of the sale of a foriegn car or truck returns to the American worker and our economy? This was documented by the Wall Street Journal last year. There is also a Chevy commercial that talks about that. It is pathetic to see all these foreign cars and trucks on our American roads, go over to Japan, they do not buy our cars. Ford, Chevy or Dodge are all equal in quality and 80 percent returns to our economy, It infuriates me to see all these foriegn cars and trucks, there people are not true supporters of our country. I will not support any business that the owner or business runs Japenese cars or trucks. These people should be ashamed of themselves and should start supporting our products and economy. Just think what a huge difference it would make if everyone with a junk Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subura, etc., bought American cars and trucks. Wake up people! Brian Passaglia,

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