The starborn stone

Thanks to a cosmic event 15 million years ago, the Czech Republic was peppered with tons of stunning green gemstones called moldavites. Extraterrestrial moldavitesfound only in eastern Europepossess considerable mystery. They are a subset of the tektite familynatural glass objects that researchers often associate with extraterrestrial impacts. In the case of the moldavites the green-glass gemstones appear, at first glance, to be linked to the eroded Steinheim crater in central Germany. However, this idea stands on quicksand since moldavites have absolutely no chemical relationship with the impact-shocked sedimentary rocks of the Steinheim basin. Thus, moldavites have no affinity to so-called impactitesthe true impact glasses that are created during an impact event. A few maverick researchers think that the moldavitesand all tektites for that matterare a kind of rare volcanic glass (obsidian) blown off the Moon at lunar escape velocity. Rarely mentioned is the fact that rocks with chemistry similar to some tektites have been found on the Moon. Regardless of arguments over how moldavites formed, they are highly prized by mineral collectors, jewelry makers, and spiritualists. As a result of the current collecting craze which began in the 1980s, the prices of even the smallest moldavites have soared. So what makes a moldavite so special? Mineral collectors and jewelry makers seem to agree: they are fascinated by the green luminance of moldavites as well as their mysterious extraterrestrial and possible lunar origin. Metaphysical dabblers believe the cosmic origin of the stones make them radiate an unworldly energy. Jewelry maker and crystal energy enthusiast Robyn A. Harton noted that moldavites are associated with the heart and third eye chakras, as well as the crown chakra... It strengthens and enhances inner journeys, channeling, cosmic consciousness, crystal consciousness, expansion, contact with interdimensional or extraterrestrial forces. Harton also noted that moldavites heal hair loss, help with fertility issues, and promote new cell growth. Is this real metaphysical medical knowledge or just pop-culture, psuedo-science kookiness? No matter, it is probably because moldavites originated beyond the Earth that makes them so intriguing; their eerie green colorcaused by unique chemicals within the glassalso adds to the mystique. Whats in the Sky: A total lunar eclipse is visible from Vermont starting 8:43 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 20. Regulus, the heart of Leo, the lion, is to the Moons upper right with the ringed-planet Saturn to the lower left.

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